5 Tips for Purchasing Medical Equipment

That Won’t Break the Bank

Running a medical practice can be an expensive proposition. And one of the biggest expenses can be equipment and furniture. Here’s a few helpful tips that can help you save a bundle when purchasing medical equipment without having to settle for cheap or inferior furniture and equipment.

1. Consider Financing

While you may be able to negotiate a better deal by paying cash, doing so can cut into your working capital that you could use for other things like marketing and staffing. Instead, look into financing options.

Financing can allow you to purchase with no down payment, help you with soft costs and give you plenty of flexible repayment options.

For example, here at Angelus Medical and Optical Equipment, we offer 100% financing with no down payment. In addition, you can also get up to 25% additional financing to cover the soft costs such as installation, training and even shipping and delivery costs.

For repayment, you can set up repayment to suit your cash flow needs, these include monthly, quarterly, seasonal or even semi-annual payment options. 

And finally, some equipment may qualify for a full tax deduction. In planning your purchase, note that equipment must be placed in service by the end of the calendar year. This can significantly offset the price of new equipment for your business. (Consult your tax advisor to find out if the equipment you are considering qualifies).

2. Buy Refurbished

Another way to cut costs without cutting quality is to buy refurbished. As with any field that technology impacts, the medical profession is a profession that encourages innovation and updates. But not all innovation is fully vetted and tested on the ground.

Some older generation equipment is tried and true and can serve your needs quite effectively. Just like buying a car, once your medical equipment leaves the showroom its resale value drops, this means that you may be able to get top brand equipment at reduced prices by buying used.

However, bear in mind, that you must also be careful when buying used equipment because not all used equipment is properly repaired and/or refurbished. Some sellers simply flip used medical equipment and they don’t really have the expertise to properly repair and calibrate it. 

Angelus Medical and Optical Equipment is the only full service medical equipment facility in Southern California. Not only do we sell a huge inventory or new and used equipment, we also service, calibrate, repair and rejuvenate a wide range of brands and products.

We have an experienced staff of engineers, designers and technicians who are skilled at not only making the equipment look great again, but also we have the know how to ensure that it’s working properly and we provide both warranties and extended warranties.

3. Get the Warranty

When purchasing used or refurbished medical and optical equipment make sure the equipment you buy has a warranty. This gives you confidence in knowing that if anything goes wrong you’re covered.

In addition, a warranty should cover parts and labor and should also include a backup to make sure you don’t lose time or money due to down time. In many cases, you can get a loaner or comparative piece of equipment that you can use while things are sorted out.

Here at Angelus Medical and Optical Equipment, we offer a 90 day warranty that includes parts and labor (for most of our items) and because we have a huge inventory of equipment, in most cases, we’ve got your back if you need a loaner.

We also now offer an extended warranty available, ask us for the details on the equipment you are interested in. This way you don’t even have to think about it, you can focus on the things that generate cash flow.

4. Save Additional Time and Money with a Service Agreement

As you probably know, many types of medical and optical equipment require regular maintenance, updates and calibration. By law you are required to keep track of this and make sure your equipment is up to date. This must also be documented in order to be verifiable.

A service agreement can help you ensure that everything is automatically up to date and that regular service and loaner equipment is guaranteed. One less thing to think about and keep track of. Your time has value, why spend it on clerical tasks like this? 

At Angelus Medical and Optical Equipment, we now offer a comprehensive service agreement that takes care of all your maintenance and re-calibration needs. All parts, labor, pick up, delivery, maintenance and re-calibration are included. Sit back and relax, we take care of the details, so you don’t have to.

5. Check the Delivery Process

We deliver with care
We Deliver with Care

One final thing that is sometimes overlooked is how your equipment is delivered. Medical equipment is delicate and can be damaged if it is not carefully transported and secured. Make sure the people you purchase from have a delivery process that ensures that your equipment will be picked up and delivered properly.

Here at Angelus Medical and Optical Equipment, we have been in business since 1946. We have the largest full service facility in Southern California and we have picked up and delivered thousands of pieces of equipment. We make sure it is handled in the right way.

Whether it is delivered and/or picked up by our trained technicians or if we use more conventional shipping methods, we understand how to pack and deliver your equipment so it gets to you safe and sound.

To Sum It All Up

Bottom line is this, outfitting your clinic or medical facility with the best equipment and/or furniture doesn’t have to strain you financially. By utilizing financing options, getting refurbished instead of new equipment and getting a warranty and/or service agreement you can save loads of time and money.

In addition, when you work with someone who sweats the details like Angelus Medical and Optical Equipment, you can rest assured that you will get the best quality equipment, that it works properly and is maintained and calibrated according to the law and it is delivered with the care and protection it deserves.

Are you interested in getting some new equipment?

Do you need your old equipment reupholstered or refurbished?

Do you need maintenance and/or calibration?

We do it all.

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