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Open House

Please join us at our Open House. We’d love to see you at our first ever open house at Angelus Medical and Optical Equipment at 13007 S. Western Ave. in Gardena.. It will be held on Wednesday, November 20th from 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM . We will be catering the event with delicious food and drinks and

5 Tips for Purchasing Medical Equipment

That Won’t Break the Bank Running a medical practice can be an expensive proposition. And one of the biggest expenses can be equipment and furniture. Here’s a few helpful tips that can help you save a bundle when purchasing medical equipment without having to settle for cheap or inferior furniture and equipment. 1. Consider Financing

Torn Upholstery Is More Than Just Ugly

It’s Also a Liability Old, worn out and torn exam tables and waiting room furniture upholstery is more than just a cost issue or even a problem of looking ugly. It can also be a major health risk and a liability. Of course you want your office to look nice and to create a positive

5 Tips for Buying Used Medical Equipment

Buying quality used medical equipment on or off line can be a difficult process because there are a number of potential mistakes you can make that can cost you dearly in both time and money. The marketplace is full of people trying to make a quick buck flipping equipment and they know little or nothing