5 Ways To Choose An Autoclave

Autoclaves are essential equipment for many businesses, from medical and dental practices to salons and spas. But when it comes time to choose an autoclave, which one should you choose? With so many options, deciding the best for your needs can be difficult. In this article, we'll explore five ways you can use to make sure you select the suitable autoclave for your business. From understanding the features and benefits each model offers to evaluate your budget and needs, we'll go through everything you need to know so that you can make the right decision.

1. What size do you require?

This heavily depends on how much room you have for a sterilizer in your sterilizing area. Second, pick a size that can accommodate the size of your load. For instance, the size of the surgical pack or the length of your most extended instrument will affect how deep the chamber is and its volume. 

2. What Autoclave Standards Do You Follow?

To be regarded as disinfected, various tools require various cycles. Pre-vacuum and gravity autoclaves are the two types of autoclaves that can be most suitable for your application.

Pre-vacuum autoclaves function as vacuums that remove air from the load and chamber so that the steam properly permeates the objects in your bag. Pre-vacuum models work well for things with pores. On the other hand, gravity autoclaves are used to sterilize nonporous objects and liquids.

3. New or Refurbished/Used Autoclave —Which Do You Prefer?

There is no right or incorrect response to this query because it is based on your financial comfort level. It is worth the initial expenditure if you have the money to buy a new autoclave because it can last for many years.

A refurbished autoclave, however, is a workable option to have a safe and functional autoclave if your budget is more constrained. Whether you choose a new or used autoclave, you should always double-check the guarantee on your purchases.

You should know the answers to two questions before purchasing: Does the warranty cover parts and labor, and how long does the warranty last? For instance, Angelus Medical offers a 90-day parts and labor warranty on refurbished and used autoclaves.

4. Can replacement parts be obtained easily?

Choose an autoclave with affordable generic replacement components that you may buy as needed down the road if you intend to maintain your autoclave for a long time.

5. How can you locate a reliable seller online?

Although buying autoclaves and other sterilizers online is quite prevalent, it might be challenging to locate a trustworthy supplier.


'One size does not fit all' when it comes to autoclaves. There are numerous options, and careful thought and planning are essential. The distributor for the autoclaves you're interested in can assist you in determining which is the best fit for you and your office. Putting time into these five steps will help you make the best decision when purchasing a new autoclave for your office. 

That’s where Angelus Medical comes in. For over 45 years, we have worked with sterilizers and other medical equipment. We sell, service, calibrate, repair, and reupholster medical equipment. With us, you won’t need to deal with multiple businesses for repairs and parts because we have the experience to take care of everything.