Optical Repair & Service

  • We must have a completed and signed credit card authorization form on file prior to start of any service.
  • There is a $125.00 diagnosis fee which can be applied towards the cost of repair.
  • You are provided with a free loaner, if available, while you are working on your equipment. Please refer to our free loaner policy for details.
  • After the diagnosis, we will inform you of the repair costs and must acquire authorization prior to proceeding with the repair.
  • Service labor Cost:
    • Optical Equipment: $150.00 / hour

General Sercice: $375.00

  • Check and clean mechanical parts
  • Check and clean the lenses
  • Libricate the parts if necessary
  • Tune up and adjustments

Colmination of Microscope Head: $375.00

  • Cleaning
  • Adjust prism to see single image
  • Lubricationof moving parts