3M 9502+ Mask – Pack of 10 (New)

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 Pack of 10 3M 9502+ N95 masks

3M 9502+ KN95 Mask, Pack of 10

The 3M 9502+ KN95 Particulate Respirator Face Mask is a disposable protective mask with a longitudinal folding design and a lightweight structure for easy storage and carrying, provides users with reliable breathing protection while meeting comfort needs. The protective mask uses 3M’s proprietary high-efficiency electrostatic filter technology that meets the filtration efficiency performance specified by the standard. The 3M KN95 Face Mask adopts the adjustable nose clip and nose pads which can help different users achieve good face adhesion and reduce the possibility of fogging the glasses, and headband wearing method which has reliable wearing stability.

The 3M N95 mask are reserved for Covid-19 front line medical workers only.

 CDC NIOSH Approved N95 Masks

Guide for Identifying FDA EUA Authorized N95 Respirators for Battelle CCDS™ Processing

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3M 9502+ KN95 MASK, Pack of 10

MaterialNon woven PP
Colour Any color is avaliable
FeatureHigh quality wet strength paper, soft elastic cord earloop
Nose BarThe nose bar is metal band, which can be bended easily and adapt to the contour of the nose
StorageStored in dry, humidity below 80%, ventilated, non-corrosive gases warehouse
ApplicationHospital & health-care, medical consumables & pharmacy, beauty salon,Food processing, manufacturing,and hygienic application & daily use.


A: No stimulus to human skin

B: Filter pollen, dust and bacteria

C: Breathable and fluid resistant

D: Anti-virus anti-bacterial anti flu avoid cross-infection

E: Repel continually contamination of dangerous blood and saliva continually

F: Competitive price and professional service

The 3M N95 mask are reserved for Covid-19 front line medical workers only.

Please note, we have to validate the purchase of these masks. If we cannot validate you as an approved medical worker. You will not receive them and you will be refunded after taking 20% restocking fee.

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