Bausch and Lomb Model 70 Lensometer (Refurbished)

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The B&L model 70 Lensometer has been used by generations of opticians and lab technicians. This workhorse is built to last a lifetime. As a continuation of the original model 70 from B+L, The Reichert model 70 measures sphere, cylinder, and prism power. Marks lens for cutting and edging. Measures finished glasses for prescription and vertical prism differences with adjustable lens table. More sensitive target. Built-in solid state electronic light intensifier for checking absorptive lenses. Easy to use, fast precise. The model 70 is the Gold standard for lensometers world wide.

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Product Description

Bausch and Lomb Model 70 Lensometer

An important part of each handling of an ophthalmic lens, from manufacture to final inspection of the finished spectacle, is the measurement of the lens power. Standard instrument for this purpose in the factory, laboratory, and professional office is the Vertometer. Properly used, the Vertometer will measure the spherical, cylindrical, prism powers of a lens, locate cylinder axis, and prism base-apex line. With the built-in marking device it provides an efficient and precise means of marking lenses for cutting and edging. With the built-in adjustable lense table, finished glasses can be measured for adherence to Rx, for vertical prism differences, either wanted or unwanted, and for segment height.

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