Bovie IDS-300 ElectroSurgical Unit, (Refurbished)

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IDS technology gives the surgeon the flexibility to consistently choose the type of effect desired with maximum convenience and safety.

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Bovie IDS Electrosurgical Generators, ESU

  • Bovie® IDS electrosurgical generators provide a consistent clinical effect.
  • Easy to use, just plug the unit in and it’s ready to use, no calibration required.
  • Cutting Modes: Cut I Mode, Cut II Mode, Blended Cut
  • Coagulation Modes: Pinpoint Coagulation, Spray Coagulation
  • Bipolar Mode: Uses digital technology to reduce instrument sticking and to minimize tissue destruction
  • The Surgeon’s Preset Center (IDS300 only) allows up to 10 surgeons to store their preferred power settings in the cut, coagulation, and bipolar modes.


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