Burdick Medic 5 Defibrillator, (Certified)

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Burdick Medic 5 Defibrillator

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Ready for any crisis

Ready for any crisis – that’s the BURDICK MEDIC 5 portable emergency system. Medic 5 provides external and internal defibrillation and/or monitoring plus ECG recordings with informative annotations for your permanent records. Count on this system to be ready when you need it; where you need it.


  • Operates on AC voltage or internal battery & charger. Battery capacity is indicated on the monitor screen
  • Reaches 360 joules in only ten seconds(Less for lower power settings)
  • Two signals indicate readiness: a ready message display and audible tone
  • Fits most crash carts and gurneys
  • Built in handgrip
  • Can be used for both short and long term monitoring
  • Defibrillator paddles can provide a quick assessment of patients condition
  • ECG data appears on a EL screen
  • 4 seconds of continuous waveform data,lead selection,heart rate,date,time,battery status, gain and filter setting all displayed on screen at one time

Check out our Defibrillator Accessories

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