Haag Strait BM 900 LED Slit Lamp (Refurbished)

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Haag-Streit BM 900 Unit model slit lamp with Haag-Streit LED illumination and Goldmann Applanation Tonometer.

This unit is fully refurbished in exquisite condition and comes with the Goldman Tonometer.

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Product Description

The Haag-Streit BM 900 has been the standard in modern slit lamp microscopy for almost 50 years – and still is! Over 100,000 professionals all over the world who own a BM 900 agree that it was the best investment they ever made for
their practice. The BM 900 is the “classic” slit lamp for the general ophthalmologist concerned with both the anterior and posterior segments.

The Haag-Streit BM 900 Unit model slit lamp LED is now available with Haag-Streit LED illumination as an option to the original. Advantages of this new model include:

  • Specially designed light spectrum to guarantee the best details in diagnosis from the cornea to the retina.
  • Brightest and most homogeneous LED powered slit.
  • Ergonomic: combined slit and background illumination control.
  • Original Haag-Streit quality.

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