Corometrics 150 Twins Fetal Monitor, (Refurbished)

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The GE Corometrics 150 twin fetal monitor is designed for any OB/GYN offices, clinical settings or hospital. It comes with the following accessories:

  • One TOCO Transducer
  • 1 Doppler
  • 2 Belts
  • Power Cord

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The Corometrics 150 (Twins) Fetal Monitor includes new transducers. It is in excellent condition and certified to proper operating specifications.

The Twins 150 Monitor features dual ultrasound with heart rate offset mode to provide simultaneous external monitoring of twins utilizing pulsed Doppler technology and 9-crystal ultrasound transducers. With its hospital-grade quality and easy operation, it is designed for antepartum surveillance use in hospital, clinic physician’s offices, and supervised homes for patients with activity restrictions.

With patented Corolation signal processing, the accuracy of ultrasound FHR monitoring is significantly improved resulting in clear and consistent heart rate traces. While monitoring twins, overlapping heart rate traces can be separated with the push of a button. The strip is automatically and regularly annotated to indicate the offset mode is enabled.

Z-Fold Chart Paper offers the advantage of being easy-to-load and convenient to store with the patient’s record. The high resolution thermal linear array recorder provides clear information for precise interpretation.

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