Damon IEC HN-SII Centrifuge, (Refurbished)

Damon IEC HN-SII Centrifuge

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The recertified Damon IEC HN SII centrifuge that offers superior performance to satisfy all centrifugal testing needs. Virtually a standard in every laboratory in the world, the IEC HN-SII has proven reliability and unparalleled versatility making it the best value available for routine bench centrifugation.

The HN-SII combines the mechanical features and unique profile of the proven HN product line with modern solid-state electronics. With these, this IEC centrifuge becomes capable of spinning a variety of applications: oil samples for ASTM Test Methods (e.g. D96), milk tests with Babcock Bottles (6″ and 6.5″) and tissue culture samples in 225/175 ml Falcon conical bottles and 50/15 ml Falcon/Corning conical centrifuge tubes.

Other outstanding features of the Damon IEC HN-SII centrifuge include: direct reading tachometer, variable speed control with 60-minute automatic timer or continuous run mode, and manual electric brake. HN-SII can also accept many existing rotors from discontinued IEC centrifuge models, e.g. Centra-4, Centra-HN, Centra-CL4, Clinical, DE, H, HN, HNS, IEC, and HN-S.

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