Dupont Sorvall Econo Spin Centrifuge, (Refurbished)

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Dupont Sorvall Econo Spin Centrifuge

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The Dupont Sorvall Econo Spin Centrifuge is a very economical way to improve efficiency in your lab or get a new lab equipped. The unit is in excellent working condition and extremely user-friendly with dials and an rpm meter. It is a perfect system for routine centrifugation or for new students in your lab. It is priced within everyones budget and comes with a swinging bucket rotor with inserts and splash guards.


  • Bench-top with a small footprint
  • Swinging bucket 4-place rotor with inserts
  • Centrifugation speeds up to around 4,000 rpm
  • Simple point and shoot features for a variety of users
  • Lock out feature avoids opening the top
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