Haag Streit AT-900 Tonometer with BQ Accessories (New)

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The Haag Streit AT 900 tonometer and the new complete BQ accessories includes:

  • Haag Streit AT-900 Tonometer
  • Goldman Prism
  • 2 Eye pieces
  • BQ Type Fixation
  • 3 fixation bulbs
  • Accessory Box
  • etc.
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HAAG-STREIT AT 900 is the gold standard for its high precision manufacturing. Haag-Streit, the Goldmann applanation tonometer offers reliable performance over many years without the need for manufacturer maintenance. The tonometer provides reproducible results, contributing to the improved diagnosis and treatment of ophthalmic conditions..

TONOMETER FIXATION, BQ type tonometer fixation:
The BQ type applanation tonometer fits the Haag-Streit slit lamps BQ 900 and BP 900. It provides a parking position and can be easily be moved into place for working. The applanated surface is observed monocularly through the right eyepiece of the stereo microscope.

GOLDMANN PRISMS provides excellent optical quality:
The reusable Goldmann measuring prisms are distinguished by their optical and mechanical performance which allows for fast and reliable measurements in daily practice. They are largely handmade by experienced workers, and are checked for tight tolerances in weight, optical quality, durability and for consistent measurement results.

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