Heine EN 100 Wall Transformer with 2 Handles - Pre-Owned

Heine EN 100 Wall Transformer with 2 Handles

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The EN100 provides a constant 3.5V output voltage independent of mains
voltage fluctuations. Economical in use, always the right amount of light and
environmentally-friendly, no batteries necessary.

– Magnetic On/Off mechanism. No moving parts that can wear out or be damaged.
Durable and maintenance-free. Once selected, the brightness remains the same.
– Soft start avoids current surge during the switch-on phase. Protects bulbs in the
critical switch-on phase and prolongs bulb life. Economical in use.
– Advanced, ergonomic handle design. Continuous brightness control on the handle.
Quality spiral cords with a comfortable working radius of up to 3 m. Instrument locks as
standard equipment prevent unauthorised removal.
– Flexible extension option. Freely expandable with additional extension unit.

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