Kangaroo 924 Eternal Feeding Pump

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Covidien Kangaroo 924 Enteral Feeding Pump: These are refurbished working units at a fraction of the price of a new one.

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The Kangaroo 924 Eternal Feeding Pump features pre-set volume and overflow infusion safeguards to ensure the correct and consistent delivery of nutrition. The easy-to-use controls make set-up and operation of the unit intuitive. The Kangaroo 924 pump is used exclusively with the Kangaroo 924 pump sets.


  • Intuitive Interface
  • Dial Control
  • Arrow Keys
  • DEHP Free Pump Sets
  • Operating Range in Individual (one mL) Increments
  • Built in Pole Clamp
  • 16 Hour Battery Life
  • Quick Battery Recharge Rate
  • Memory
  • Audible and Visual Alarms
  • LED Display
  • Clear Indicator Lights
  • Adjustable Alarm Volume
  • Adjustable Languages
  • No Removable Parts
  • Light Weight and Portable
  • Accuracy
  • Universal Power Buttons
  • Unique OPTIX Sensor
  • Warranty
  • Service


  • Clearly designed and visible programming options allow for quick understanding of the programming features to help reduce the potential for programming errors
  • Permits quick and easy programming of feed rate and Volume to be Delivered (VTBD) to provide a smooth and easy transition from the Kangaroo™ 224 pump
  • Allow accurate and quick programmable functions of feed rate and VTBD while providing for a smooth transition from the Kangaroo™ 324 pump
  • Reduced exposure to DEHP
  • Allows for quick, easy and exact programming of feed rate (1 to 300 mL/hour) and VTBD (1 to 2000 mL)
  • Reduces overall weight and makes the pump less bulky and easier to use when attached to IV poles
  • Permits extended function and power ability (based on 125 mL/hour feed rate) . The battery will charge when the AC Adapter is plugged into an outlet. Total time to charge the 924 pump is approximately 8 hours. Battery life is determined based on 125mls per hour feed rate.
  • Battery charges in approximately 8 hours when the AC adapter is plugged into an active outlet
  • Maintains flow rate settings for up to 16 hours (battery operation) or 24 hours (AC connected). This allows for simplified use and minimizes potential for errors in provider programming. When powered on, the pump automatically reverts back to previous settings within this time range.
  • Six different function alarms include both audible and visual alarms. These alarms provide for additional safeguards and reinforced clinical confidence. The added visual alarm provides for a greater sense of patient safety, especially in Home Care markets.
  • Provides for clear and easy programming ability and visibility in all lighting conditions
  • Clear type and visual display provide for easy feeding pump operation without lengthy specialized training. Indicates for AC connectivity and Vol Clear.
  • Provides for clinical and patient confidence and safety. This feature is easy to adjust in the Biotech menu screen.
  • Available in 13 different language selections
  • The Power Cord and IV pole clamps are both integrated into the unit


  • 16 hour battery
  • Weight – 3.89 lbs
  • Operating Range – 1-300 mL/hr
  • Volume to be Delivered – 1-2000 mL in
  • 1mL/hr increments
  • Memory – 24 hours
  • Multilingual – 13 languages

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