Latex Free Neurological Set(New)

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Graham Field Grafco Neurological Set includes 7″ Buck Neurological Hammer, 7.5″ Taylor Hammer, 7″ Wartenburg Pinwheel and 8″ Babinski Percussion Hammer.

Each neurological Set includes:

– 7″ Buck Neurological Hammer
– Octagonal chrome plated handle
– Dual Latex-Free Heads
– Removable needle and brush
– 7.5″ Taylor Hammer
– Latex-free black triangular head
– Chrome plated handle
– 7″ Wartenburg Pinwheel
– Chrome plated handle and rotating spur
– 8″ Babinski Percussion Hammer
– Adjustable latex-free head can be oriented in 2 directions
– Octagonal chrome plated handle
– Additional babinski head included
– Additional 12 handle for babinski hammer included

Set comes complete in a blue 13 x 1 container
Latex Free

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