Mettler sonicator 716 ultrasound (Refurbished)

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For more general ultrasound applications, the Sonicator 716 features a larger, 10 cm² applicator. It’s just right for treating shoulders, backs and other large, muscular areas. Sonicator716 meet all international standards for safety. So they can travel anywhere and deliver worldclass quality and performance.

Ready to go anywhere, these affordable Sonicators are super ultrasound values.

Mettler sonicator 716 ultrasound

Sonicator 716 Ultrasound Specification:
Ultrasonic Generator
Power input 115 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 0.6amps max. Export models are also available.
Size 4.3″ (H) x 6” (D) x 13.4” (L)
Weight 5.1 pounds
Frequency 1.0 MHz ± 5%
Mode Continuous Pulsed-20% Duty Cycle
Pulse Repetition Rate 100 Hz
Pulse Duration 2 msec
Maximum Output Power 22W716, 11W715
Maximum Intensity 2.2 W/cm2
Ultrasonic Applicator
Piezoelectric Disc: The output transducer utilizes a barium titanate disc with a special coated face.
Frequency: 1.0 MHz ± 5%
Effective Radiation Area: 10cm2±20%
Beam Type: Collimating
Maximum Beam
Non-Uniformity Ratio:
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