Midmark Ritter 491 procedure chair, (Refurbished)

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Midmark Ritter 491 Power Chair Exams is great for ENT, minor surgeries, optical procedures. The power back goes from 90° angle to completely flat position with auto return capability.

This is a fully refurbished unit and in excellent condition.

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Midmark Ritter 491 Power Chair 

Exams, procedures, and surgeries are faster, easier and more stable with the Midmark Ritter 491 Power Chair. It positions patients precisely… at the touch of a button. The 491’s power low height of 22″ makes mounting and dismounting the chair easy for patients. Its highest height of 31″ lets the physician put patients at their most comfortable working height and tapered headrests and narrow 18½” width lets the physician work in close.

The 491`s power back goes from an upright 90° angle to completely flat position. The ‘Auto Return’ button quickly returns the patient to the dismount position. Power controls are located on both sides of the chair`s back. An optional foot control allows the physician to maintain a sterile field. The 491`s positioning flexibility is further enhanced by 330° rotation.

The extremely stable power chair has a solid steel base makes the chair extremely stable. Physicians work with more confidence and patients feel less anxious, especially during delicate otolaryngologic procedures.

Work in close

Tapered headrests and a narrow 18½” width let the physician work in close. Armrests lower when the chair reclines, or they rotate up and out of the physician’s way. And the footrest locks into the upright position when flipped out of the way with a touch of the toe—for easy front access.

Two hospital grade electrical receptacles let the physician plug in lights, accessories, and equipment without tripping over cords. Specially designed exam lights can be ordered as attached accessories or maybe field-installed later.

Midmark Ritter 491 Power Otolaryngology Chair System specifications:

  • Minimum height: 22″ (55.9 cm)
  • Minimum width: 24″ (61 cm)
  • Maximum width: 26.5″ (67.3 cm)
  • Rotation: 330°
  • Electrical: 115 VAC, 60 Hz, 12 AMPS, Dual hospital grade electrical receptacles on back of the chair. Rated 115 VAC, 60 Hz, 6 AMPS maximum UL Listed
  • Colors: Base of the chair, molded housings, and painted steel surfaces are Pearl Grey.
  • Midmark vinyl upholstery colors:
    • Premium Solid Colors – Blueberry, Silver Sage, Tea Green, Fossil Grey, Cashmere Blue, Terra Cotta
    • Premium Pattern Colors – Belagio, Siena, Tuscany, Firenze, Capri, Treviso
  • Base of chair, molded housings, and painted steel surfaces are Pearl Grey
  • Steel construction, high-impact polystyrene drawers and vinyl clad drawer and door fronts are durable and aid in infection control.
  • The stain-resistant molded top has indentations to hold equipment.
  • The 498 is style-and color-coordinated to match the 491 Chair and all Midmark products.
  • Color drawer and door accents change easily for a new look.
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