Moller-Wedel MMS900 Surgical Microscope, (Refurbished)

Moller Wedel surgical microscope with the inclineable Haag-Streit head along with the observers head makes it an excellent choice for plastic surgery, opthomology, neurology and more.

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Moller-Wedel by Haag-Streit MMS 900 Surgical Microscope:

The MOLLER (Haag- Streit) MMS 900 surgical microscope is designed for opthamology, plastic surgery, neourology, etc.

It offers: 

  • Motorized zoom, motorized focus, and motorized focal adjustment
  • One touch auto balancing
  • Integral beam splitter
  • Multi Axis binocular observation system
  • Electro magnetic brake system
  • Internal fused power supply
  • 300watt Xenon Fiber optic illumination
  • Pistol grip control

The counterweight balanced system MM90 , adjustable by pushing a button, offers the surgeon featherlight movement….and it is the ideal complement to neuro navigation.

-Extreme flexibility at minimal footprint.
-Microscope is easily positioned for posterior fossa surgery.
-Handles can be placed optimally in seconds.

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