Ohmeda Vacuum Regulator – Surgical – Free-Flow (Certified)

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Ohmeda 1246 Surgical/Free-Flow Vacuum Regulator

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Ohmeda Surgical/Free-Flow Vacuum Regulator is specifically designed to provide high flow rates and minimal restriction in the Operating Room and other areas where high levels of suction are required. It provides reliable, full-range aspiration for continuous flow suction procedures and is equipped with many convenient, easy-to-use features to facilitate surgical and emergency suctioning.

Other features include:

Surgical/Free-Flow regulates vacuum levels at Low, Medium and High
levels up to full vacuum with gauge increments up to 200 mmHg
Straight-through suction control Provides high flow rates
up to 150 L/min and prevents buildup of aerosols; reduces
clogging and downtime
Full Range Regulation Regulates at Low, Medium
and High settings up to full line vacuum.
Quick Flip On/Off Switch Observable On position.
Turns On to preset level.
Can be turned off with elbow (useful when scrubbed).
Diagnostic Window Direct observation of mechanical
workings. Simple access for cleaning and repairs.
Interchangeable modular parts
Gas sterilizable

Check Out Surgical and Operating Room

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