Ohmeda Vacuum Regulator

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1226 Ohmeda Medical On/Off Suction Regulator

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Ohmeda Continuous Vacuum Regulators provide regulated, continuous suction for tracheal and pharyngeal airway management,surgical procedures and continuous NG drainage.

The Three Mode High Continuous model provides adjustable vacuum from zero to full-line vacuum. Modelincludes a MAX mode which provides instant, unrestricted full-line vacuum for emergencies.

Color-coded gauge
Three Mode High Orange with increments up to 760 mmHg
Mode Selector Toggle Switch (on/off/max) Easy-to-grasp
with Full MAX mode
Positive Pressure Safety and Relief Valve this feature will vent
positive pressure and help prevent patient injury and regulator
damage in case of accidental connection to pressurized gas (O2, Air)
Modular Components Simplifies service Strong, Break-Resistant Case Durable, minimizes breakage

Check Out Surgical and Operating Room

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