Olympus Ocs 2 Zoom Scope Colposcope, (Refurbished)

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Olympus Ocs 2 Zoom Scope

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Olympus Ocs 2 Zoom Scope Colposcope

OLYMPUS OCS-2 (set) Colposcope

Visual condition: very good, Made in Japan, 230 V,
The frequency of 50-60 Hz,
Magnification: 7.9x – 23.5x,
Focal length: F = 300,
Eyepiece: G 20x,
Filter green and cobalt,
Infinitely adjustable light intensity,
Fiber length of 130 cm,
Halogen light source with a power of 160 W,
Height adjustment stand in terms of 94 x 115 cm,
Moving pantograph arm length of 55 cm,
Base diameter: 62 cm.
Mobile (on wheels with brakes).

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