Optikon 2000 Keratron Scout Corneal Topographer ,(Refurbished)

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Keratron Scout Corneal Topographer

  • Exquisite exterior and advanced mechanical capacity
  • Suitable for CR-39, Acrylic, Plexiglass & Optical lenses
  • Two pieces of IC plates attached
  • Automatic timing possible
  • Powerful motor, little noise

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Opticon 2000 Keratron Scout Corneal Topographer:

The Keratron family of Corneal Topographers offer unsurpassed versatility and features. There is no compromise in accuracy or reproducibility regardless of the model.

Take the topographer to the patient rather than the patient to the topographer. Image capture is quick and simple: align the cornea in the built-in LCD screen and click the acquisition button to capture up to eight images. Capture only occurs at the correct point in space. Once placed in the docking base, data is transferred via USB and the battery is recharged. All our topographers share the same software suite.

Corneal Aberrometry and IOL Selection: Corneal aberrometry maps are a standard feature of Scout software. These maps clearly display low and high order Zernike aberrations that can be individually removed from the map for better understanding of problems. View point spread functions, simulated Snellen charts and night scenes, Zernike information and more. You can even import and subtract whole eye Zernike wave front data to map internal aberration.

Image processing: Capture and process up to eight images
Range, Resolution: 33.75-3.38 mm; 10-100 diopters, +/- 0.01 diopters, 1 micron
Mires projector: Cone with 28 border ring
Data points: 70,000 analyzed; 7,168 points measured.
Ring diameter: 0.33mm (inner) / 10.7mm (outer).
Weight (vk head): Keratron – 40 lb.; Scout – 3 to 3.5 lb
Computer/Monitor: User Supplied – Pentium IV 1.6 GHz 256 Mb RAM; Win 2000, XP, Vista
Printer: User Supplied – and HP Inkjet or equivalent.
Power: 120 V AC


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