Pelton & crane Validator 8 Autoclave,(Refurbished)

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The deep chamber (approximately 27″ deep & 14″ Width) allows you to sterilizer bigger instruments easily.  There is not a need for special plumbing since the counter top model comes with its own water chamber, just like the smaller desk top autoclaves.

This unit requires 208 – 240 volts AC single Phase.

This unit comes with 30 days parts & labor warranty.



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Product Description

Pelton & Crane Validator 8 Autoclave

Introducing the Pelton & Crane Validator 8 Autoclave.

The Pelton & Crane Validator 8 Autoclave Sterilizer is an economical, light-capacity sterilizing unit designed to accommodate the needs of small medical, dental, and other practices requiring reliable and safe access to sterilization equipment.

This model has a variety of safety and efficiency features, such as a door lock which prevents the door from being opened while the chamber is pressurized.

The Pelton & Crane Validator 8 Autoclave also features a set of microprocessor-controlled features to ensure effective and safe operation; a vent valve that will automatically open if the chamber pressure exceeds 242 kPa and the P-2 alarm will sound.

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