Pelton & Crane Z-Magna Magnaclave with stand, (Refurbished)

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The Magna-Clave due to its large capacity, ease of use, and quick cycle speed (completes a flash cycle in 18 minutes from a warm start), it is an industry-leading sterilizing unit.

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Pelton & Crane Magnaclave,  Z-Magna-R-New-Style-w-Stand

The Pelton & Crane Magnaclave features a series of safety measures, like a Pelton & Crane-patented door lock that seals the entirety of the sterilizer’s rim, as well as clarity features like a series of indicator lights (“Power On,” “Heat On,” “Sterile,” and “Open Door”). Due to its large capacity, ease of use, and quick cycle speed (completes a flash cycle in 18 minutes from a warm start), it should come as no surprise that Pelton & Crane’s Magna-Clave is an industry-leading sterilizing unit.

The Pelton and Crane MagnaClave sterilizer is a manually-operated sterilizer with a 15-inch internal-diameter by 30-inch-deep, round, stainless-steel chamber.

  • The overall dimensions of the unit are 22.25 inches high by 28 inches wide by 34.25 inches deep.
  • The 208-volt sterilizer, rated at 5000 watts, requires a dedicated, direct-wired, 30-amp electrical circuit.
  • The unit is UL-544 listed and ASME certified.
  • Four indicator lights identify the power, chamber heat, sterilization mode, and chamber door status.
  • Sterilization time and temperature are adjustable and can be recorded with an optional, circular time/temperature chart recorder.
  • There are 2 gauges to provide visual “green-zone” indication of correct internal temperature and pressure.
  • Timer activates automatically as the desired pressure for sterilization is reached.
  • Large chamber capacity.
  • Safety lock system protects personnel from accidentally opening the door under pressure.
  • Stand provides a handy storage space
  • Completes a flash cycle in 18 minutes from a warm start, 35 minutes from a cold start.
  • Reservoir drain is conveniently located on the front for easy cleaning.
  • It is designed and manufactured to ASME specifications for safety.
  • Clear, concise operating instructions makes it easy to use.
  • Very simple and easy door locking mechanism.
  • Separate temperature and pressure gauges make monitoring sterilization parameters simple and easy.


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