Philips IntelliVue MP5 Touch Screen Monitor (Refurbished)

Price:$1,250 + Shipping and handling

The Philips IntelliVue MP5 touch screen patient monitor with ECG: This is a refurbished and fully functional unit.

  • Touch screen, ECG (5 leads) , NBIP, SPO2, Printer, EMR Ready
  • YOM: 2013
  • Mobile stand sold separately
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$1,250 + Shipping and Handling
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Product Description

The Philips IntelliVue MP5 patient monitor provides a clear connection to your patients, delivering IntelliVue monitoring power and functionality in a compact, rugged housing to match the demands of a wide range of care environments in and out of the hospital. This monitor offers advanced features such as an intuitive touchscreen with clinical measurements, crisp and clear display, and one-touch commands.
Features and Benefits
  • Offers commonly required measurements, built-in, with no user setup necessary for typical use (ECG, SpO2, NBP, invasive pressures and temperature, and CO2 monitoring).
  • Dynamic Wave area features waves that automatically adjust in size depending on the number of waves configured.
  • Capture and review diagnostic 12-lead ECGs at the monitor before submission.
  • Print cardiograph-type, diagnostic 12-lead ECG reports from the bedside.
  • NBP measurements now generates a column in the vital signs trend table. Measurements for other values are added to provide a comprehensive vital signs data set for the NBP measurement time, offering a more complete picture.
  • Wired and wireless networking for continuous connection, no matter where patients are located on the network
  • Telemetry as a parameter (TAAP) displays telemetry data through a direct connection to a telemetry transceiver
  • Wireless telemetry as a parameter (WTAAP) expands monitoring capabilities to provide untethered in-room access to ECG/SpO2 data in near-real time.
  • Touch screen, ECG (5 leads) , NBIP, SPO2, Printer, EMR Ready
  • YOM: 2013
  • Mobile stand sold separately

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