Phillips Page Writer Trim III ECG Machine, (Refurbished)

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Phillips Page Writer Trim Iii Ecg Machine

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Philips PageWriter Trim III ECG offers cutting edge technology to assist in reporting, storing, and communicating data from 12 lead ECG monitoring. The high resolution of the color display makes it much easier to review data. ECG data from PageWriter Trim III can be transferred anywhere and at anytime, fostering immediate and protected access to patient reports. PageWriter Trim III is capable of handling the needs of even the most high pace offices.

Additional features and benefits of the Trim III include:

  • Easy to navigate with user-friendly buttons and screen
  • 6.5 screen
  • DME Certified Refurbished
  • Philips PageWriter Trim III intuitive patient interface module
  • Many options for streamlining information sharing, including: modem, USB, wired LAN, or wireless encrypted connectivity

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