QRS Universal 12-Channel ECG (New)

Qrs Universal 12-Channel Ecg (Aha)

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QRS Universal 12-Channel ECG (New)

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Turn any computer, laptop, or tablet into a reliable, fully functioning ECG with the universal ECG. Simply plug it into the USB port of any off-the-shelf device for a computer ECG that can attain, store, and analyze up to 12 channels of data. This ECG cable uses the Louvain program for analysis, ensuring diagnostic accuracy and efficiency. Each ECG comes with electrodes, electrode adapters, lead placement guides, and Office Medic software.

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  • Uses the Louvaine analysis program
  • Includes the Office Medic software, electrodes, electrode adapters and a lead placement guide
  • No batteries required because the power it drawn from the PC or tablet it is connected to by the USB port.

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