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4 Key Considerations when Purchasing Weight Scales for Your Hospital

Medical weight scales are one of those pieces of essential medical equipment which are so ubiquitous that they are often simply taken for granted in many clinical settings. Yet failure to pay close attention to their characteristics and properties can lead to everything from misdiagnoses to failure to detect symptoms altogether. When starting or expanding…

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How to evaluate your medical equipment distributor.

When starting or expanding the projects for your medical facility there are many things that need to be considered. Not only is it important to determine where this project should be located and how it should be configured, but also who is going to develop the plans and do the construction. It is always a…

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A Closer Look: Medical Devices Used in the Home

While the acute care setting is a controlled, professional environment, the use of medical devices in the home presents unique challenges, many of which have the potential to impact patient safety. For example, home use medical devices may be exposed to environmental risks that may adversely affect performance. When starting or expanding the projects for…

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