Torn Upholstery Is More Than Just Ugly

It’s Also a Liability

Old, worn out and torn exam tables and waiting room furniture upholstery is more than just a cost issue or even a problem of looking ugly. It can also be a major health risk and a liability. Of course you want your office to look nice and to create a positive impression on patients and other visitors. But you also want to protect yourself from audits and potential lawsuits.

A Busy Clinic Means Lots of Wear and Tear

If you run a busy urgent care clinic or a booming medical practice then you know the covering of your equipment in your exam rooms and waiting rooms can really take a beating. With so many patients, staff and visitors coming in and out this furniture gets a lot of use.

And when you’re really busy it’s easy to get distracted. You need to focus on moving patients in and out and keeping things flowing so that you can keep the profits flowing and generate revenue. Properly maintaining your office furniture and exam tables and equipment can sometimes be the last thing on your list of priorities.

And let’s face it, a busy clinic can also have a pretty substantial overhead.  Shelling out a bunch of money for new equipment can really put a dent in your bottom line. Reupholstering your equipment can be a cost effective way of solving this problem.

In addition, buying refurbished medical equipment can also be a great solution to this problem and can cost you a fraction of the cost of brand new equipment (even though it looks brand new).

Torn Covering is Not Just Ugly, It’s Also A Health Risk

Tears Can Be Reservoirs for Germs

Even a minor looking tear in an upholstery surface can expose the underlying foam cushion to bacterial, viral and/or fungal contamination. This problem is especially acute if you have elderly or pediatric or immune compromised patients who can be more at risk for infections.

Gram positive bacteria typically dwell on the skin and in dry environments and can be associated with food poisoning and strep infections. Gram negative bacteria are associated with water supplies and can cause bacterial pneumonia and skin and eye irritations. Fungi can accelerate product deterioration and are associated with eye, nose and throat irritations.

The Right Materials Make a Difference

Refurbished Exam Tables in Your Choice of Colors

Here at Angelus Medical and Optical Equipment we use top of the line anti-microbial vinyl and our skilled craftsmen provide professional medical equipment upholstery repair and reupholstering services. We have a whole assortment of colors to match your interior design.

In addition, we clean, paint and restore exam tables, dental chairs, medical exam stools, office furniture, waiting room furniture and other medical equipment to keep them in tip top condition.

We do everything in house and have a talented group of craftsmen, technicians, and engineers. We also have a full service shop where we do reupholstering, painting and rebuilding. 

In addition, we have a huge inventory of equipment so that, in most cases we can provide you with free loaner equipment and furniture so that you don’t lose any time, money or patients while your equipment is being refurbished and made just like new.

Need Your Furniture Upgraded or Reupholstered?

Refurbished Exam Tables and Stools in a Variety of Colors

Call us today at 310-769-6060 and mention this ad, if you purchase a refurbished exam table or get your furniture reupholstered we will give you a free matching physician’s stool in whatever color you want (a $150 value!). 

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