The Cost Savings of Buying Used Medical Carts for Your Facility

Buying used medical carts is a cost-effective approach to obtaining medical devices and products. Another advantage of purchasing used medical carts is receiving newer technology at a lower rate.

The cost of new medical carts might be overwhelming if you operate a small clinic or business. While you may have most of the carts you require, you may also have a lengthy list of items you would like to acquire in the future.

The good news is that you do not have to spend unnecessary money to purchase new medical carts. At Angelus Medical & Optical, we offer you a wide range of refurbished and used medical carts, like the MMP Programmable Medication Medical Cart (Refurbished) which has a master lock and key with 6 drawers, a power supply, a storage bin, pull-out tray, and a shelf; this medical cart provides a plethora of services to patients at a low cost.

How Used Medical Carts Can Become New Again?

When used medical carts are reconditioned, they can be purchased and used again. Refurbishment entails fixing the carts and replacing any broken or worn parts. The final phase in the refurbishing process is to test the carts for operation and to ensure it satisfies industry requirements after repairs and replacements have been performed.

Cart manufacturers employ a pretty simple testing procedure to restore outdated carts. First, the company purchases second-hand carts. They may originate from a consumer who requests refurbishment services, or the manufacturer may purchase them for subsequent resale.

At Angelus Medical, we closely inspect and test these medical carts for flaws such as worn-out or damaged parts. Any part that fails inspection is either fixed or replaced with a like-new counterpart, thus returning these parts to factory condition. Most used carts require just minor repairs to return to service.

Advantages of Cost Savings

Of course, one of the primary reasons that so many physicians purchase used carts is the savings that may be made. Your patients will benefit from the money you save on second-hand medical carts.

A remanufactured medical cart costs 20% to 40% less than a comparable new model. Going reconditioned provides your nurses and careers with the complete capabilities of a new fleet of carts at a fraction of the expense. Take a look at our Blickman Stainless Steel Multi-Purpose Case Cart Model CCC2-19 with Double Solid Doors. With the doors locked for greater security, these carts enable the transportation of fully loaded case carts around the building.

There are a few more reasons involved which elevate the idea of buying used medical carts, keep reading along:

No Risk Factor

Purchasing reconditioned is the greatest method to manage your facility's costs without compromising patient care quality. There is no need to take chances with new, untested carts, and there is no fear of going over budget with the sticker price of a brand-new fleet.


As a trade-off for the reduced cost, a prevalent misconception about used and refurbished medical carts is that they do not come with a guarantee. Angelus Medical always provide you with a 90-day parts and labor warranty on used carts and ensures their durability is long-lasting and comprehensive.


According to one research, the relevance of sustainability in medical carts is growing. Using reconditioned carts and prioritizing maintenance over replacement helps you save money while also helping to lessen the environmental effect of the healthcare business.


Believe it or not, there are benefits to purchasing things that have been on the market for a while. When you get the most recent and advanced type of medical carts, there is less known about it, and new issues may develop. While used medical carts already stood the test of time. They do not come with surprises and their flaws, if any, are already worked upon. Angelus Medical has a wide selection of such helpful medical carts and other equipment.

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