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Physical Therapy Table

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Whether you're looking for relaxation, pain relief, or to provide targeted therapeutic treatments, investing in a high-quality physical therapy table is essential. For physical therapists, the right table not only enhances client comfort but also facilitates the effectiveness of various therapies. When selecting a physical therapy table, it's important to prioritize features like stability, which ensures the table remains firm during treatments; adjustability, which allows for various treatment positions and accommodates clients of different heights; comfort, which keeps clients relaxed during long sessions; and durability, to withstand regular use. To find the ideal table that meets these criteria, consider visiting our showroom or contact us to arrange a virtual tour. This hands-on approach will help you better understand the table's features and how they benefit your practice.

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    21 products
    Paragon Monarch Treatment Table
    Paragon Monarch Treatment Table
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    Biodex Ultra Pro Medical Treatment Table
    Chattanooga Triton Treatment Table Chattanooga Triton Treatment Table - Chattanooga -Angelus Medical
    Chattanooga Triton Treatment Table
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    Treatment table (Used) Treatment table (Used) - NMD -Angelus Medical
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    Clinton Industries Treatment Therapy Table Clinton Industries Treatment Therapy Table - Clinton -Angelus Medical
    Clinton Industries Treatment Therapy Table
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    Arcoma Stille Medstone Elite TM4 Pain Management Table STILLE Medstone Elite TM4 Pain Management Table
    Arcoma Stille Medstone Elite TM4 Pain Management Table
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    Medi-Plinth Mobile 3 section Treatment Table Treatment table,hydrotherapy massage bed
    Medi-Plinth Mobile 3 section Treatment Table
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    LEC Power Treatment / Exam Table Power Treatment Table at #Angelusmedical
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    Manual Spa / Facial / Treatment Table Manual Spa / Facial / Treatment Table - NMD -Angelus Medical
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    Stone haven Medical Balance power treatment table Stone haven Medical Balance power treatment table - Stone Haven -Angelus Medical
    Stone haven Medical Balance power treatment table
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    Oak Works 3 Section Power Treatment Table Oak Works 3 Section Power Treatment Table - Oak Works -Angelus Medical
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    Oak Works 3 Section Power Treatment Table
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    Clinton 8033 Power Treatment Table Clinton 8033 Power Treatment Table - Clinton -Angelus Medical
    Clinton 8033 Power Treatment Table
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    Clinton Exam Treatment Table with Drawers Clinton Exam Treatment Table with Drawers (New) - Clinton -Angelus Medical
    Clinton Exam Treatment Table with Drawers
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    Armedica AM340 3 Section Bariatric Power Exam Treatment Table Armedica AM340 3 Section Bariatric Power Exam Treatment Table - Armedica -Angelus Medical
    Armedica AM340 3 Section Bariatric Power Exam Treatment Table
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    Massage Table (Used) Massage Table (Used) - NMD -Angelus Medical
    Massage Table (Used)
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    Chattanooga TX 4759 Traction Unit and Traction Table
    Chattanooga TX 4759 Traction Unit and Traction Table
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    Welcome to the AngelUS Medical Physical Therapy Table collection, where comfort meets functionality! Whether you're a healthcare professional or someone seeking relief at home, understanding the nuances of a physical therapy table can enhance your therapy experience. At AngelUS Medical, we are dedicated to providing top-quality equipment that meets the needs of both practitioners and patients alike. Here, we'll guide you through everything you need to know about these vital pieces of equipment, from selecting the right model to optimizing its use for maximum benefit. Explore our diverse range of tables designed to support a variety of therapeutic activities and patient needs.

    Understanding Physical Therapy Table


    A physical therapy table is a specialized platform designed specifically for conducting physical therapy. This table allows patients to comfortably position themselves during their therapy sessions.


    The primary role of a physical therapy table is to support patients while therapists perform treatments aimed at improving mobility, managing pain, and facilitating recovery. These tables are essential in ensuring that both the patient and therapist can engage in effective therapy sessions with the utmost comfort and safety.

    By using these tables, therapists can adjust the height and position to suit individual patient needs, ensuring comfort and safety during sessions. This adaptability makes the physical therapy table an essential component in both clinical and home-based therapy settings.

    Features of Physical Therapy Treatment Table




    Features extensive adjustable settings for height and incline to cater to different treatment requirements.


    Designed with patient comfort in mind, featuring padded surfaces and ergonomic designs.


    Constructed from heavy-duty materials capable of withstanding rigorous use in clinical settings.


    Models like the Medi-Plinth Mobile 3 Section Treatment Table include mobile and foldable designs for easy transport and storage.


    Includes options like electric adjustments and heat therapy to enhance therapy effectiveness and ease of use.


    Suitable for a range of therapies from massage to physical rehabilitation, reflecting their multipurpose functionality.

    Specialized Designs

    Tables like the Armedica AM340 3 Section Bariatric Power Exam Treatment Table are tailored for specific patient groups.

    Safety Features

    Non-skid bases and robust frames enhance the safety and stability during treatments.


    Features easy-to-clean surfaces and antimicrobial materials to help maintain cleanliness and prevent the spread of germs.


    Types of Physical Therapy Table at Angelus Medical

    Here is a detailed table that categorizes various types of physical therapy tables available at Angelus Medical.

    Type of Table

    Product Examples

    Primary Features

    Ideal Use Case

    Stationary Tables

    Chattanooga Triton Treatment Table

    High durability, stable, often includes adjustable features like height and incline

    Clinics with dedicated space for physical therapy

    Portable Tables

    Thomas Chiropractic Rolling Massage Table

    Lightweight, foldable, easy to transport

    Therapists traveling to patients or multiple sites

    Specialized Tables

    Armedica AM340 3 Section Bariatric Power Exam Treatment Table

    Designed for specific treatments, such as bariatric care or pediatric therapies

    Specialized treatment settings

    Hi-Lo Tables

    Dynatron Electric Hi Lo 3 Section Table

    Adjustable height, facilitating easy patient transfers, and ergonomic positioning for therapists

    Clinics requiring versatile treatment options

    Multifunctional Therapy Tables

    Biodex Ultra Pro Medical Treatment Table

    Adaptable for various therapies, equipped with advanced features like heat therapy and electric adjustments

    Hospitals and multi-specialty healthcare facilities


    Choosing the Right Physical Therapy Table

    Selecting the perfect physical therapy table from AngelUS involves careful consideration of various factors to ensure it fits both your therapeutic needs and those of your patients. Here’s a detailed guide to help you make an informed decision:

    • Heavy-Duty Construction: Our tables, including high low table physical therapy options, are constructed with heavy-duty materials designed to withstand the rigors of daily use. This robust construction provides a reliable foundation, instilling confidence in both practitioners and patients.
    • Weight Capacity: A considerable weight capacity is crucial as it ensures the table remains stable and secure, accommodating patients of various sizes and conditions. This is particularly important in high-traffic environments where the tables must handle a diverse range of cases.
    • Non-Skid Base: The inclusion of a non-skid base enhances stability by preventing slips or movements during therapy sessions. This feature is especially beneficial during dynamic treatments, adding an extra layer of safety.
    • Seamless Surface Design: Our tables feature a seamless surface design, which minimizes areas where dirt and germs can accumulate. This thoughtful design not only facilitates easy cleaning but also contributes to the overall aesthetics of your therapy space.
    • Antimicrobial Materials: Some models are equipped with antimicrobial materials, adding an extra layer of protection against the spread of infections. This feature supports our commitment to maintaining a safe and hygienic environment for both practitioners and patients.
    • Quick-Clean Surfaces: Designed with practicality in mind, our tables allow for quick and efficient cleaning between sessions. This feature helps maintain a hygienic space and reduces downtime, allowing for more efficient patient management.
    • Interchangeable Components: The availability of interchangeable components allows practitioners to customize their tables for various treatments. This adaptability is key for therapists who need to transition seamlessly between different therapeutic modalities.
    • Accessory Compatibility: Enhance the versatility of your table through compatibility with various accessories. Whether adapting the table for specific exercises or integrating additional tools, our tables provide a flexible platform for practitioners to customize their treatment approaches.

    By considering these factors and ensuring your table is equipped with the necessary features, you can enhance the therapeutic experience, provide superior patient care, and maintain a functional and efficient therapy environment. Ensuring that all therapy tools and instruments are properly sterilized with an Autoclave Machine is crucial. This maintains a clean and safe environment, further enhancing the overall therapeutic experience and patient care quality.

    Benefits of Using a High-Quality Physical Therapy Table

    Investing in a high-quality physical therapy table brings numerous benefits that enhance the therapeutic experience for both patients and therapists. Here are some key advantages to consider:

    • Enhanced Patient Comfort: A comfortable patient is more likely to stay relaxed during therapy sessions, making the treatment more effective. AngelUS Medical's therapy tables feature padded surfaces and appropriate adjustability, ensuring that patients can be positioned optimally for both comfort and therapeutic efficacy.
    • Improved Therapist Efficiency: Ergonomic designs of PT tables reduce the physical strain on therapists, allowing them to perform treatments more effectively without compromising their health. This efficiency is crucial in maintaining a high-quality care environment.
    • Durability and Safety: High-quality physical therapy tables are built to last and include sturdy construction and reliable adjustment mechanisms. This ensures the safety of patients during therapy sessions, particularly during dynamic or intensive treatments on treatment tables.
    • Versatility: The right PT table can accommodate a wide range of therapy techniques, from exercise table sessions to more static practices. This versatility makes it a valuable asset in any therapeutic setting.
    • Ease of Maintenance: Features like quick-clean surfaces and materials that resist wear and tear make maintenance simple, ensuring that the table can be kept in excellent condition with minimal effort.
    • Infection Control: With the incorporation of antimicrobial materials and easy-to-clean designs, high-quality exercise tables help prevent the spread of infections, making them a safe choice for environments where hygiene is a top priority.

    By incorporating these benefits into your selection criteria, you can ensure that your physical therapy table not only meets clinical needs but also enhances the overall therapy experience for patients and therapists alike.

    Maintenance and Care for Physical Therapy Table

    Proper maintenance and care are essential for extending the lifespan of physical therapy tables and ensuring they remain safe and hygienic for both therapists and patients.

    Maintenance Area

    Action Required



    Cleaning and Disinfection

    Wipe down with approved disinfectant solutions.

    After each use

    Ensures hygiene, prevents the spread of infections, and maintains the aesthetic appeal of the table. For instance, tables like the Dynatron Electric Hi Lo 3 Section Table feature easy-to-clean surfaces that facilitate quick disinfection.

    Regular Check-Ups

    Inspect mechanical parts such as adjustment levers and wheels.


    Identifies wear and tear early, maintains functionality and safety of the table. Regular maintenance checks are crucial for tables with multiple moving parts, like the LEC Power Treatment / Exam Table.

    Hardware Tightening

    Tighten screws and bolts.


    Prevents structural weaknesses, ensures stability during use. Especially important for heavily used tables like the Chattanooga Triton Treatment Table.

    Upholstery Care

    Check for tears or cracks; repair or replace upholstery if necessary.


    Extends the lifespan of the table's upholstery, maintains comfort and safety for patients. The Armedica AM340 3 Section Bariatric Power Exam Treatment Table, with its specific upholstery needs, benefits significantly from regular checks.

    Lubrication of Moving Parts

    Apply lubricant to hinges and wheels.


    Ensures smooth operation and prevents rust or corrosion. Necessary for tables like the Thomas Chiropractic Rolling Massage Table that include rolling features for mobility.


    What to Avoid When Using a Therapy Table

    When utilizing a therapy table, there are certain practices to avoid to ensure the safety of both patients and therapists, as well as the longevity of the table. Here are important guidelines to consider:

    • Improper Use: Always adhere to the manufacturer’s instructions to prevent misuse of the PT table. Improper use, such as exceeding weight limits or using the table for unintended purposes, can lead to damage and compromise patient safety. Ensuring correct usage is critical in maintaining the integrity and functionality of the table.
    • Neglecting Maintenance: Regular maintenance is essential to keep your treatment table in optimal condition. Neglecting this can lead to deterioration, affecting both its functionality and longevity. Routine checks and cleaning, along with immediate repairs for any wear and tear, will help preserve the table’s quality and safety features.
    • Ignoring Adjustment Features: Failing to utilize the adjustability features of the exercise table properly can result in ineffective treatments or discomfort for patients. It’s important to adjust the table according to the specific needs of each session to ensure optimal outcomes.
    • Overloading Accessories: While therapy tables are versatile and can be equipped with various accessories, overloading them beyond their capacity can cause structural damage and safety risks. Always check the compatibility and weight limits before adding accessories.

    Case Studies

    Physical therapy has been proven to be beneficial in various health contexts according to multiple studies and reports. Here are a few case studies highlighting its benefits:

    1. Economic Benefits and Health Outcomes: The American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) conducted a landmark study that demonstrated not only the health benefits but also the economic advantages of physical therapy. This study analyzed eight conditions, including knee osteoarthritis and carpal tunnel syndrome, showing how physical therapy can lead to significant cost savings for the healthcare system compared to other types of care. For instance, physical therapy for acute low back pain provided a net economic benefit of $4,160 per patient​ (American Physical Therapy Association)​.
    2. Home Health Care: Physical therapy in the home health setting has shown effective outcomes in managing various patient conditions effectively within their living environments. This setting allows therapists to tailor interventions specifically to the patient’s everyday environment, enhancing the practicality and applicability of the treatment. The positive impacts include improved mobility and reduced hospital readmission rates, which contribute significantly to patient recovery and satisfaction​ (​.

    These studies underscore the role of physical therapy not only in improving individual health but also in enhancing the overall efficiency of health care delivery. These benefits make a compelling case for the broader adoption and integration of physical therapy into preventive and rehabilitative care.

    Therapy Techniques

    Table Model

    Suitable Therapy Techniques

    Real-life Application

    Paragon Monarch Treatment Table

    Ideal for relaxation and basic massage therapies

    Commonly used in spa settings for therapeutic massages to relieve muscle tension

    Biodex Ultra Pro Medical Treatment Table

    Suitable for more intense physical therapies and rehabilitation exercises

    Used in clinics for patients recovering from injuries through guided exercises

    Chattanooga Triton Treatment Table

    Great for spinal decompression therapy and manipulation techniques

    Preferred in chiropractic care to provide relief for back pain and spinal issues

    Clinton Industries Treatment Therapy Table

    Supports a variety of physical therapy techniques including stretching and joint mobilization

    Used in physical therapy clinics to facilitate recovery protocols for sports injuries

    Arcoma Stille Medstone Elite TM4 Pain Management Table

    Optimal for advanced pain management therapies requiring precision

    Used in hospital settings for interventions in pain management, aiding in precise targeting of therapy areas

    Medi-Plinth Mobile 3 section Treatment Table

    Manual therapy, osteopathic manipulations, and chiropractic adjustments that require varying patient positions

    This table is used in multidisciplinary clinics to facilitate therapies that involve significant manipulation of the patient's body, helping to address issues like spinal alignment and muscle tension

    LEC Power Treatment / Exam Table

    General physical examinations, basic therapeutic procedures, and treatments requiring minimal patient repositioning

    Often found in general practitioner’s offices for routine physical exams and minor treatments where ease of access and patient comfort are prioritized


    Frequently Asked Questions

    How do I set up my physical therapy table for the first time?

    Setting up your physical therapy table usually involves unpacking, assembling parts like legs or headrests, and ensuring all features function correctly. Your table should come with a manual that provides step-by-step instructions.

    What maintenance does my physical therapy table require?

    Regular maintenance typically includes cleaning the upholstery after each use, checking the structural integrity for any loose screws or worn parts, and ensuring that any mechanical components like height adjustments are functioning smoothly.

    How can I adjust the table to accommodate patients of different heights?

    Most therapy tables feature height adjustments, either manual or electric. To adjust, locate the control mechanism (a lever, dial, or remote), and adjust the height while the patient is not on the table. Ensure the table is locked securely before beginning the session.

    My physical therapy table is wobbling; how do I fix it?

     wobbly table can usually be fixed by tightening the joints or adjusting the feet for stability. Some tables have adjustable feet to compensate for uneven floors. Call our AngelUS manufacturer if the problem persists.

    How do I know if the weight capacity of my table is suitable for all my patients?

    The weight capacity should be listed in the product specifications. Always ensure that the table’s capacity exceeds the weight of any patient to maintain safety. If your table does not support a particular patient's weight, consider a specially reinforced model.

    What should I do if the electrical components of my table stop working?

    First, check to make sure it's plugged in and that there are no tripped circuit breakers or blown fuses. If the table still isn’t working, consult the troubleshooting section of your user manual. Avoid attempting complex repairs yourself; contact a professional or the table’s customer service for support.

    Can I use any type of cleaning products on my physical therapy table?

    It's important to use cleaning products that are compatible with the material of your table to avoid damage. Most manufacturers recommend specific cleaners that disinfect without harming the upholstery or structural components. Always avoid abrasive cleaners and those with harsh chemicals.