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Exam table upholstery before and after
Ritter 104 exam table with new upholstery
Reliance exam chair upholstery
Ritter 411 exam chair upholstery
Exam Table Upholstery
Midmark Ritter 630 Exam Chair Upholstery
Clinton Table after upholstery
Ritter 404 After Upholstery
Ritter 75 Chair Upholstery
Ritter 204 exam table upholstery
Reliance 920 exam chair upholstery
Stryker Gurney upholstery
Surgery Table Upholstery
Treatment Table Upholstery
Physician Stool Upholstery w back
Physician Stool Upholstery
Medical Equipment Upholstery
Medical Equipment Upholstery
Ritter 104 exam table torn upholstery
Ritter 404 table before reupholstery
Treatment table upholstery before
Ritter 404 with torn upholstery
Ritter 647 Podiatry Chair

Medical Equipment Upholstery

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Medical Equipment Upholstery

Why work with an exam table or procedure chair with torn upholstery or a color that does not make you happy. Simply upgrade your existing exam table or procedure chair with at a fraction of the price with new exam table upholstery, exam chair upholstery.

A clean and well-maintained exam table, or examination chair contributes to a positive and reassuring environment for patients. On the other hand, torn upholstery gives an impression of poor maintenance and can negatively impact the professional image of the healthcare facility or doctor.

Besides the poor image, there are other negative impacts to torn upholstery:

  • Hygiene Concerns: Torn upholstery can harbor dirt, bacteria, and other pathogens, making it difficult to maintain proper cleanliness. The gaps or exposed padding can trap contaminants, increasing the risk of cross-contamination between patients.
  • Risk of Injury: Torn upholstery may have exposed padding or sharp edges, which can pose a risk of injury to both the patient and the healthcare provider. The possibility of accidental cuts, bruises, or infections increases when using a table with compromised upholstery.

Whether you just want a new color or you have to change your medical equipment upholstery due to health reasons, look no further than Angelus Medical and Optical.

Simply choose your color, and we can pickup and deliver for you. Even better, we provide free loaners while working on your exam table, so you can continue seeing your patients while your equipment is getting a new look.

Medical Equipment upholstery plays a crucial role in enhancing patient comfort, hygiene, and safety during medical procedures and treatments. Upholstery materials are used on examination tables, treatment chairs, patient beds, and other medical equipment to create a comfortable and sterile environment.

Exam table upholstery, exam chair upholstery includes but not limited to: Exam Table Upholstery, Exam Chair Upholstery, Surgical Table Upholstery, Gurney Mattress Upholstery, Treatment table upholstery and more

We use medical grade material and warranty regular usage of the material only so, no cuts with sharp objects, and staining agents are not covered. 

Average time for exam table upholstery, exam chair upholstery: 1-2 weeks

Angelus Color Chart

Please note, there is an additional charge for pickup and delivery.

Good to know:

  • The use of upholstery "Conditioners" or "Protectants" is not recommended and should be avoided.
  • Remove ordinary dirt and smudge with a mild soup and water solution and clean, soft cloth or towel and dry shortly.
  • Some of the staining agents includes: Baby Oil, Ketchup, chocolate, motor oil, olive oil, grape juice, urine, blood, tea, coffee, betadine, eye shadow, crayon, grease, tobacco tar (nicotine), permanent marker, yellow mustard, lipstick, ballpoint pen,...

Service Policy:

  • We must have a signed credit card authorization form on file prior to start of any service.
  • Your credit card is not charged until the service is completed
  • If you wish not to pay by credit card, please notify us ahead of time, so it can be noted on your CC authorization form.

Free Loaner Policy and Agreement:

  • You must sign a free loaner agreement & leave a check or valid credit card information as security deposit.
  • You must provide us with a completed and signed credit card authorization form for our records for security deposit. (We must have a completed and signed credit card authorization form if using credit card)
  • You are responsible for damages to our loaner, if any.
  • Once you are notified of the repair costs, you must contact us within 3 business days with your decision to proceed with repairs or not.
  • If you decide to proceed with the repairs, you can keep the loaner while the repairs are being made. You will be contacted once the repairs are completed.
  • If you decide not to proceedwith the repairs, the repair is considered complete and the loaner must be returned within 3 business days and/or it will be converted to rental and a rental fee will be rendered.

Please note, fees will be applied if the loaners are not returned and/or not we do not hear back from you within 3 business days after completion of the repair.

Please contact us directly to schedule your medical upholstery.

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