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Looking for an ECG EKG, electrocardiogram to purchase? Explore the extensive range of high-quality EKGs carts available at Angelus Medical. Designed with mobility and efficiency in mind, these carts are perfect for medical settings. Angelus Medical offers a diverse collection of EKG models, including the GE Mac 1200, GE Mac 5000, Welch Allyn CP 100, GE Mac 3500, Schiller ECG, and many more. Find the ideal EKG cart that meets your specific needs at Angelus Medical.

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    17 products
    GE Mac 1200 ECG EKG GE Mac 1200 ECG EKG - GE -Angelus Medical
    GE Mac 1200 ECG EKG
    Burdick Mortara ELI-250 EKG Unit Mortara ELI-250 EKG Unit (Refurbished) - Mortara -Angelus Medical
    Burdick Mortara ELI-250 EKG Unit
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    Burdick Atria 3000 ECG EKG Burdick Atria 3000 ECG EKG - Burdick -Angelus Medical
    Burdick Atria 3000 ECG EKG
    Criticare CSI nCompass Patient Monitor Criticare nCompass Monitor
    Criticare CSI nCompass Patient Monitor
    GE Dash Patient Monitor
    GE Dash Patient Monitor
    from $1,500.00
    Welch Allyn Cp 100 ECG Welch Allyn Cp 100 ECG (Refurbished) - Welch Allyn -Angelus Medical
    Welch Allyn Cp 100 ECG
    Welch Allyn
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    GE Mac 5000 ECG Unit GE Mac 5000 ECG Unit (Clearance) - GE -Angelus Medical
    GE Mac 5000 ECG Unit
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    Edan CardioTech SE-1200 Express EKG ECG Edan SE-1200 Express EKG - Angelus Medical
    Edan CardioTech SE-1200 Express EKG ECG
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    Burdick Mortara ELI 280 Wireless ECG EKG Burdick Mortara ELI 280 Wireless ECG EKG - Burdick Mortara -Angelus Medical
    Burdick Mortara ELI 280 Wireless ECG EKG
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    Welch Allyn CP 150 Resting Electrocardiograph Welch Allyn CP 150 Resting Electrocardiograph - Welch Allyn -Angelus Medical
    Welch Allyn CP 150 Resting Electrocardiograph
    Welch Allyn
    from $1,800.00
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    Burdick 8500 EKG ECG Burdick 8500 EKG ECG (Refurbished) - Burdick -Angelus Medical
    Burdick 8500 EKG ECG
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    Welch Allyn Schiller AT-2 Plus ECG EKG Welch Allyn Schiller AT-2 Plus ECG EKG - Schiller -Angelus Medical
    Welch Allyn Schiller AT-2 Plus ECG EKG
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    Burdick ELI 150c Resting ECG EKG Burdick ELI 150c Resting ECG EKG - Burdick -Angelus Medical
    Burdick ELI 150c Resting ECG EKG
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    Schiller AT-2 Light ECG EKG Schiller AT-2 Light ECG EKG (Refurbished) - Schiller -Angelus Medical
    Schiller AT-2 Light ECG EKG
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    Bionet Cardiotouch 3000 EKG ECG Bionet Cardiotouch 3000 EKG (Clearance) - Cardiac Science -Angelus Medical
    Bionet Cardiotouch 3000 EKG ECG
    Cardiac Science

    Welcome to AngleUS Medical, where we are dedicated to supporting your heart's health with our advanced EKG machines. Also known as ECG machines, these devices are crucial for monitoring the electrical activity of your heart in a non-invasive manner.

    Our EKG machines are designed with simplicity and ease of use in mind, making them accessible for both medical professionals and individuals keen on tracking their heart health from the comfort of their home. We believe in empowering you with the tools to understand and manage your heart's well-being effectively.

    The EKG machine is an invaluable asset in the realm of heart care, providing insights into your heart's rhythm and identifying any irregularities that may need further investigation.

    What is an EKG Machine?

    An EKG machine, also known as an ECG machine, is a piece of medical equipment used by doctors to check how your heart is working. It's like a special kind of machine that picks up the electric signals your heart makes every time it beats.
    When you use an EKG machine, it shows these signals as lines on a screen or paper. These lines tells about your heart's rhythm and speed. It's a bit like looking at a graph that goes up and down with each heartbeat.

    Doctors use EKG machines to look for any unusual patterns or signs that might suggest your heart needs a bit more attention. It's a really important tool because it can catch problems early, before you even feel anything is wrong.
    Whether it's a small, portable EKG machine you can carry around or a bigger one in hospitals, they all do the same important job.

    Features of the EKG Machine

    An EKG machine, also known in some regions as an ECG machine, is a vital piece of medical equipment used to monitor the heart's electrical activity. Here are some key features that make EKG Machine indispensable in both clinical and personal health settings:

    • Ease of Use: Modern EKG machines are designed with user-friendliness in mind. Clear instructions and intuitive interfaces ensure that healthcare professionals can efficiently operate them, and individuals can use them with minimal training for personal heart health monitoring.
    • Portability: Many EKG machines are portable, allowing for flexibility in where heart monitoring can be conducted. This is particularly beneficial for home health care, sports medicine, and remote medical services, providing the convenience of conducting heart checks outside traditional clinical settings.
    • 12-Lead Capability: A comprehensive heart evaluation often requires a 12-lead EKG. This feature gives a detailed picture of the heart's electrical activity from multiple perspectives, enhancing the accuracy of diagnoses and the detection of potential heart issues.
    • 6-Lead Option: For less complex assessments, a 6-lead ECG provides a simpler and faster way to get a snapshot of the heart's condition. This option is suitable for routine checks and initial screenings, offering a balance between simplicity and informative value.
    • Durability and Design: Built to withstand regular use in various environments, EKG machines are designed for durability. Their design caters to the practical needs of users, ensuring reliability and longevity for consistent performance over time.

    The Benefits of Regular EKG Monitoring

    Regular monitoring of your heart with an EKG machine can be incredibly beneficial for maintaining good heart health. Here's why keeping a close eye on your heart's electrical activity is beneficial:

    • Early Detection of Heart Issues: Regular checks can spot problems before they get serious. An EKG machine can catch signs that your heart might not be working right, like irregular heartbeats or other odd patterns. Catching these early can make a big difference in treatment.
    • Monitoring Heart Health Over Time: Using an ECG device regularly helps you and your doctors see how your heart is doing over the long term. This is especially useful if you’re making lifestyle changes, taking new medicine, or recovering from a heart issue.
    • Convenience and Accessibility: With the origin of portable EKG machines, it’s easier than ever to keep track of your heart health. Whether you’re at home, at work, or even travelling, these devices make it possible to do a quick check-up, ensuring peace of mind wherever you are.
    • Informed Medical Decisions: Regular EKG data can give your doctor a more complete picture of your heart health, which helps them make better decisions about your care. Whether it's adjusting medications, recommending lifestyle changes, or considering procedures, up-to-date information is key.
    • Empowering Personal Health Management: Knowing more about your heart's health puts you in the driver's seat. With devices like a portable 12-lead ECG machine, you can actively participate in managing your health, making informed choices about your lifestyle and treatment options.

    How to Use an EKG Machine

    When using an EKG machine in a professional or commercial setting, such as in hospitals or clinics, the approach is more detailed due to the critical nature of the diagnostics involved. EKG machine is easy to use whether you're sitting in a medical chair or lying on a medical table. It's all about making sure you're comfortable while checking on your heartHere are the steps that healthcare professionals typically follow:


    • Ensure the EKG machine is properly calibrated and functioning. This might involve routine checks and maintenance according to the manufacturer's instructions.
    • Prepare the patient by explaining the procedure to ensure they are relaxed and comfortable, as anxiety can affect the results.

    Placement of Electrodes:

    • Clean the skin areas where the electrodes will be placed to reduce impedance and improve signal quality.
    • Attach the electrodes correctly: For a 12-lead EKG, place the limb leads on the patient's arms and legs and the chest leads (V1-V6) in specific positions on the chest according to standard medical guidelines.

    Recording the EKG:

    • Ask the patient to remain still and breathe normally to avoid artefacts on the EKG tracing.
    • Initiate the recording, which typically takes a few seconds. Ensure a good quality tracing is obtained; if not, check the connections and repeat.


    • Analyse the EKG tracing for heart rate, rhythm, and any signs of abnormalities such as arrhythmias, heart block, or signs of ischemia.
    • Professionals use their training and experience, along with comparative data from medical charts, to interpret the results accurately.

    Documentation and Follow-Up:

    • Document the findings in the patient's medical record, including any deviations from normal and potential clinical implications.
    • Discuss the results with the patient and recommend further diagnostic tests, treatment, or follow-up appointments as necessary.

    Care and Maintenance of the EKG Machine

    Looking after your EKG machine properly is key, especially in a commercial or professional setting like a hospital or clinic. Regular care and maintenance ensure the machine gives accurate readings and lasts longer. Here's how to keep your EKG equipment in top shape:

    Regular Cleaning: Keeping the EKG machine and its components clean is crucial. Use a damp cloth to gently wipe the machine and its EKG cart. For the leads and electrodes, follow the manufacturer's instructions, as they may need special care.

    • Lead Inspection: Check the leads regularly for any signs of wear and tear. Frayed or damaged leads can affect the quality of the heart readings. Replace any worn-out leads promptly to maintain the accuracy of the electrocardiogram machine.
    • Software Updates: If your EKG machine uses software, make sure it's up to date. Software updates can fix bugs, improve functionality, and sometimes even add new features to your machine.
    • Calibration Checks: Professional EKG machines, especially those used in diagnostic ultrasound or as part of broader cardiology equipment, may need regular calibration to ensure they're measuring heart activity accurately. This might need to be done by a qualified technician.
    • Hygiene :After use, clean the EKG machine and accessories like the EKG cart according to infection control protocols.When looking after your EKG machine, make sure it's set up right with things like EKG carts, tilt tables, and echo tables. This helps you get the best results when checking someone's heart.
    • Battery Maintenance: For portable EKG machines, keep an eye on the battery life. Recharge the batteries as needed, and consider keeping a spare set if the machine uses replaceable batteries. This ensures the machine is always ready for use.
    • Storage: When not in use, store the EKG machine and its components in a clean, dry place. Avoid extreme temperatures and humidity, as these can damage the machine and its parts.

    Why Choose AngleUs?

    Choosing the right EKG machine can make all the difference in providing top-notch care in any healthcare setting. Here's why AngleUs stands out as the preferred choice for professionals looking for reliable cardiology equipment:

    • Cutting-Edge Technology: AngleUs is committed to innovation. Our EKG machines incorporate the latest advancements in medical charts technology, ensuring you get precise and reliable readings every time.
    • User-Friendly Design: We understand the importance of simplicity in a fast-paced healthcare environment. Our machines are designed with both the professional and the patient in mind, ensuring ease of use without compromising on functionality.
    • Versatility: Whether you need a new ECG machine for a bustling hospital ward or a used EKG machine for a smaller clinic, we have options to suit every need. Choosing our EKG machine means you're also picking a device that works well with other important health tools like medical physician scales and vital sign monitors. And if you're looking to buy, we've got a range of electrocardiogram machines for sale..
    • Affordability: We believe that quality EKG equipment shouldn't break the bank. Our products are priced competitively, ensuring you get excellent value for your investment, no matter how much an EKG machine might typically cost.
    • Comprehensive Support: At AngleUs, we're with you every step of the way, from helping you choose the right EKG machine for your needs to offering guidance on how to use an EKG machine effectively. Our after-sales support and maintenance services ensure your machine keeps running smoothly.
    • Durability: Built to last, our EKG machines are designed to withstand the demands of busy healthcare settings. From EKG carts that stand up to daily use to echo tables and tilt tables that complement our machines for comprehensive patient assessments, we ensure quality across all our products.

    Frequently Asked Questions 

    A: An EKG machine is a tool that checks your heart's health by looking at its electric signals. It's like a heart diary that shows how your heart beats and if it's healthy.

    Yes, you can use EKG machine at home. Our portable EKG machines are made to be easy and safe for anyone to use at home. They come with clear instructions so you can check your heart anytime.

    A 12-lead EKG gives a very detailed check of your heart from 12 different points. It's like getting a full picture of your heart's health from many angles, helping doctors spot any issues easily.

    Not at all. Keeping your EKG machine clean and storing it in a dry place is mostly what you need to do. If you use it a lot, just check the wires and batteries to make sure everything's working fine.

    It depends on your health and what your doctor says. Some people might need it more often, especially if they have heart issues. But it's a good idea for everyone to check their heart now and then.

    The cost of an EKG machine varies, but we make sure ours are good value. We have options for different needs and budgets, whether it's for a big hospital or for personal use at home.