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No more searching for medical equipment and services for your clinic. New and refurbished exam tables. Midmark Ritter, Ritter 204, Ritter 222, Ritter 223, Brewer Access table, Brewer Hi-lo table, Midmark 630, Ritter 641, Ritter M11 autoclaves, Tuttnauer autoclave, Stryker stretchers, Podiatry chairs, exam chairs, exam lights and more. At Angelus medical & Optical, you can find all you need under one roof.

Your Ritter M9 autoclave not working? No problem, we provide Autoclave Repair, Autoclave Preventive maintenance, and more. Your Ritter 630 HumanForm has stopped working? We can fix that. Your Midmark Ritter table upholstery is torn? We do re-upholstery. Your GE Mac 1200 ECG EKG needs repair? We can repair it. Want your Midmark Ritter exam chair to match the colors in your new office? We can do that as well; ask about our custom services. Time for your annual audit? Angelus medical provides calibration of medical equipment in your facility or ours. Your one-stop shop for everything you need for your healthcare facility, you see!

Whether you need a phoropter and a slit lamp for your commercial shoot or want to set up a 60s examination room for your movie? We can help. You can reach out to us for Zeiss slit lamp, Reicher Phoropter, Reliance Chair, Vintage exam table, Tuttnauer 3870 autoclave, Skytron Surgery table, Stryker Big wheel stretcher, and more used in commercials and movies. Connect with us for

Medical & Optical Equipment

Angelus Medical & Optical, trusted since 1946, is the only name to trust to deliver the best quality products and services at the best prices. Whether you are expanding and opening a new office or planning to simply upgrade or remodel it, stretch your budget by visiting us and save on new, used, and refurbished medical equipment.

Get all you need for your medical office, exam tables, diagnostic sets, Patient monitors, and electrocautery. Check out our inventory ideal for a variety of specialties and clinics, including Dermatology, Ophthalmology, General Practice, Plastic Surgery, Urgent Care, Physical Therapy, Chiropractic, OBGYN, Surgery Center, Orthopedics, Podiatry, Pediatrics, and Cardiology.

Our offerings include:

Brewer Products: Brewer 6501, Brewer Access High-Low Exam Table.

Midmark Range: Ritter table, Ritter 104, Ritter 204, Ritter 604, Ritter 404, Ritter 222, Ritter 225, Ritter 223, Ritter 622, Ritter 417, Ritter 647, Ritter Podiatry, Ritter 75, Ritter Chair, Ritter 111, Ritter 625, Ritter 405, Ritter M11, Ritter M9, Ritter 630 HumanForm, Ritter 117, Ritter 414, Midmark Autoclave, Ritter Autoclave, Midmark Ultraclave, Ritter Ultraclave, Midmark 405, Chattanooga Hi-Lo table, Midmark 630, Ritter 391, Midmark Ritter 630, Midmark Ritter 230, Midmark 419, Midmark 640, Midmark exam table, Midmark 404, Midmark Cabinet, Midmark Ritter 491, Midmark Ritter 411, Ritter M7.

Reliance Products: Reliance chair, Reliance FX, Reliance 880, Reliance 980, Reliance 7000, Reliance Cabinet.

Stryker Range: Stryker Stretcher, Stryker Gurney, Stryker Cast Cutter, Stryker 840, Stryker 940, Stryker 986, Stryker Stretcher Chair, Stryker Big wheel, Stryker Prime Stretcher, Stryker Atlas Stretcher, Stryker TPS.

MTI Products: MTI Chair, MTI Podiatry Chair, MTI 527.

Tuttnauer Products: Tuttnauer autoclave, Tuttnauer 3870, Tuttnauer 2340, Tuttnauer 2540, Tuttnauer EZ10, Tuttnauer EZ 9.

Hausted Products: Hausted Gurney, Hausted eye stretcher, Hausted APC.

Miscelleneous Products: UMF Table, Hamilton Table, Hausman Table, Pedia Pals table, ZooPals table, Clinton Table, GoodTime Pediatric Table, Good Time Orbital, Pediatric Scale, Pedigo Crib, Pedia Pal ZooPal, OBGYN Table, Massage Table, Treatment Table, Chiropractic Table, exam table upholstery, exam table repair, Power exam table, ultrasound table, doctors stool, procedure chair, surgery chair, Chattanooga table, Adapta Table, Podiatry Chair, Dexta Chair, DMI Chair, Woodlyn Chair, ADEC Chair, Boyd chair, Silver fox table, SMR Chair, Silver fox chair, Silhouet chair, Sonesta Chair, 630 HumanForm, Large autoclave, desk top autoclave, Delta Clave, SciCan Statim, Statim 2000, Statim 5000, Magna Clave, Ultraclave, Pelton and crane, SciCan Bravo, Chamber Brite, Audiometer, Audio Booth, AMBCO audiometer, American Orthopedic, Wallach ZoomScope, Wallach Colposcope, Leisegang Colposcope, Welch Allyn Colposcope, Bovie Colposcope, LED Colposcope, SMR Maxi Cabinet, Treatment cabinet, ENT Cabinet, Zeiss Microscope, Zeiss OPMI, Valley lab cautery, electrocautery, Bovie, surgical instruments, Zeiss ENT, Surgi Stretcher, Barton Convertible, Hill-Rom Durastar, Hill-Rom Stretcher, Ambulance Gurney, Eye Gurney, Maquet Alphastar, Skytron 6001, Surgery table, Skytron 6500, Amsco 3085, Mac 1200, ECG EKG, Patient Monitor, Vital Sign Monitor, Electro Cardiogram, Defibrillator, Zoll AED, Schiller ECG, Mortara ELI, Chattanooga Hydrocollator, Centrifuge, Blanket warmer, Blood drawing chair, Cryosurgery, Dental chair, Otoscope, Ophthalmoscope, Retinoscope, Blood Pressure Monitor, Dynamometer, Fetal Monitor, Doppler, Electro Surgical Unit ESU, Examination table, Orthopedics, OBGYN, Crash Carts, Stainless Steel Cart, Mayo Stand, IV pole, infusion pump, OR table, Spirometer, Patient Scale, Digital Scale, Doctor Stool, Ventilators, Liposuction, Gomco, Wells Johnson, Aspirator.

Medical Equipment Service and Repair

Angelus Medical & Optical has been the only full-service company in California since 1946. The only destination for your medical equipment service and repair. Following are some of the services we provide:

1) Autoclave Repair

2) Autoclave maintenance service

3) Exam Chair Repair

4) Exam Table Repair

5) EKG Repair

6) ESU Repair

7) Exam Table Repair

8) Exam Chair Repair

9) Exam Table Re-upholstery

10) Exam Chair Re-Upholstery

11) Equipment Paint Services

12) Optical Equipment Repair and cleaning service

Medical Equipment Calibration

Never fail an audit! We provide calibration services by our CHDP certified technicians in your facility or our facility.

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