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Looking for top-quality medical light solutions? Look no further than our range of cutting-edge surgical light, examination light, and procedure lights. We carry quality medical lighting products from different manufacturers to ensure you have access to what you need. Whether it is optimal illumination and precision during surgical procedures and examinations. With advanced features such as adjustable intensity and color temperature, you will be able to find it at Angelus Medical & Optical.

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    6 products
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    Medical Lights: Exam Lights, Surgical Lights Medical Lights at Angelus Medical
    Medical Lights: Exam Lights, Surgical Lights
    Welch Allyn
    Welch Allyn Fiber Optic Exam Light Welch Allyn Fiber Optic Exam Light - Welch Allyn -Angelus Medical
    Welch Allyn Fiber Optic Exam Light
    Welch Allyn
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    Mobile Magnifying Light Mobile Magnifying Light (New) - NMD -Angelus Medical
    Mobile Magnifying Light
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    ADC Adlite Pro 355Bk Led Pocket Light ADC Adlite Pro 355Bk Led Pocket Light (New) - ADC -Angelus Medical
    ADC Adlite Pro 355Bk Led Pocket Light
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    Welch Allyn 76600 Halogen Penlite Welch Allyn 76600 Halogen Penlite (New) - Welch Allyn -Angelus Medical
    Welch Allyn 76600 Halogen Penlite
    Welch Allyn

    Medical light is a critical component in any healthcare environment. They serve an essential purpose: providing clear and targeted lighting that aids in the examination, diagnosis, and treatment of patients. These lights are specialized to accommodate the precise needs of medical professionals, offering bright and adjustable illumination that can make all the difference during critical medical procedures.

    The importance of medical lighting cannot be overstated. In operating rooms, for instance, surgical light play a pivotal role. They cast a light bright enough to assist surgeons in seeing the intricate details of the operation, without casting shadows or causing glare. Similarly, exam light are used during patient examinations to provide a clear view of the area being assessed. They enhance visibility and ensure that healthcare providers can give accurate diagnoses and treatments.

    Type of Light


    Surgical lights

    These are powerful operating room lights that provide bright and focused illumination for surgical procedures.

    Examination lights

    These are more flexible and can be positioned easily for various examination needs in any healthcare setting.

    Specialty lights

    This category includes lights like ceiling surgical light or wall-mounted examination lights, designed for specific medical tasks and environments.

    Medical exam lights

    These lights are typically used during routine patient check-ups and minor procedures.

    Procedure lights

    Designed for various medical procedures, these lights offer a balance between brightness and shadow management.

    LED surgical lights

    A modern take on traditional lighting, using LED technology for efficiency and brightness.

    Understanding Medical Light Specifications

    Selecting the right medical light goes beyond just choosing the most luminous options. It's about comprehending the intricacies of their specifications. This ensures that the lighting in healthcare settings contributes positively to the procedures and comfort of both patients and medical staff. Here's a simplified look at these crucial features.

    Brightness and Intensity:

    • The brightness of a light is its glow, measured in lumens, while intensity refers to the concentration of light on a specific area, measured in lux. In a healthcare setting, the aim is to provide enough light—such as that from operating room lights—to ensure every vital detail is seen without creating harsh shadows that could obscure the surgeon's view.

    Color Temperature:

    • Color temperature impacts how we perceive colors and can influence diagnosis accuracy and patient comfort. Medical lighting with the correct color temperature renders skin tones and tissues in colors that are as true-to-life as possible, aiding in accurate assessments.

    Adjustability :

    • The ability to adjust and move medical light, such as overhead surgical lights or a wall mounted examination light, is crucial. Healthcare professionals can position these lights as needed to get the best view during an operation or an exam. This flexibility is integral to surgical lamps and exam lights, ensuring that lighting can be customized for each procedure.

    To explore a variety of lighting accessories and find additional lighting solutions like LED surgical lights, surgical & procedure lights, or even optical light bulbs and headlights for medical purposes, ensuring compatibility with your existing setup is key. It's also wise to consider surgical lights for sale that meet both budget and clinical needs, offering the best value without compromising on quality or functionality.

    Benefits of Proper Medical Lighting

    Welch Allyn Medical Lights: Exam Lights, Surgical Lights

    • Precision in Illumination: Provides crystal-clear surgical lighting, reducing glare and shadows, essential for intricate surgical procedures.
    • Natural Daylight Mimicry: Bright, focused light enhances visibility by mimicking natural daylight, ensuring true-to-life colors which are critical during examinations and surgeries.
    • Versatility: Ideal for both routine exams and complex surgeries, offering flexibility across various medical settings.

    Midmark Ritter 253 LED Exam Light

    • Cool and Comfortable: Uses LED technology to offer lighting that is bright yet gentle on the eyes and skin, making lengthy procedures more bearable for patients and staff.
    • Adjustable Design: Flexible adjustments allow for precise positioning, which is vital for uninterrupted focus during detailed examinations.
    • Energy Efficiency: LED bulbs provide a longer lifespan and lower energy consumption, reducing operational costs.

    Welch Allyn Fiber Optic Exam Light

    • Focused Flexibility: Slim, bendable design allows light to be directed exactly where it's needed, perfect for small or difficult-to-reach areas.
    • Heat-Free Operation: Emits no additional heat, enhancing comfort for both patient and practitioner during close examinations.
    • Enhanced Patient Comfort: Minimizes discomfort during examinations, especially in sensitive areas or procedures requiring prolonged exposure to light.

    Mobile Magnifying Light by NMD

    • Magnification and Illumination: Offers dual functionality by providing both light and magnification, enhancing the visibility of small details.
    • Portable and Versatile: Easily transported and adjusted to suit a range of settings and procedures, providing flexibility in patient care.
    • Detailed Work Capability: Ideal for tasks that require a closer look, helping healthcare professionals perform precise and accurate procedures.

    ADC Adlite Pro 355bk LED Pocket Light

    • High Portability: Compact size makes it easy to carry and use anywhere, providing immediate lighting in emergency or unexpected situations.
    • Strong Illumination: Despite its small size, it offers powerful lighting capable of illuminating dark areas effectively.
    • Convenience for Quick Checks: Perfect for quick assessments or as a backup light source, ensuring continuous care without interruptions.

    Welch Allyn 76600 Halogen Penlite

    • Classic Design: Trusted tool in medical practice for quick and clear inspections during patient exams.
    • Focused Halogen Light: Provides a strong, focused beam of light, ideal for examining and diagnosing conditions.
    • Reliability: Time-tested tool updated for modern medical demands, offering dependability when it's needed most.

    Each of these products brings specific benefits to medical practices, enhancing both the efficiency and quality of patient care. By incorporating these medical lights into your healthcare setting, you can ensure a higher standard of diagnosis and treatment, benefiting both practitioners and patients alike.

    Product Type


    Key Features

    Ergonomic Benefit

    Surgical Lights

    Welch Allyn's Surgical Lights

    Easy adjustment, ergonomic design

    Reduces physical strain during long surgeries; enhances comfort for the surgical team.

    Exam Lights

    Midmark Ritter 253 LED Exam Light

    Versatile positioning, LED technology

    Allows natural posture, minimizes strain during examinations.

    Specialty Lights

    Welch Allyn Fiber Optic Exam Light

    Precision lighting, slim design

    Provides precise illumination in tight spaces; ideal for detailed tasks.

    Portable Magnifying Lights

    Mobile Magnifying Light by NMD

    Mobile, combines light and magnification

    Enables precise, flexible care on the go; avoids fixed light constraints.

    Pocket Lights

    ADC Adlite Pro 355bk LED Pocket Light

    Compact, portable

    Offers quick and accessible lighting anywhere, suitable for emergencies.

    Traditional Exam Lights

    Welch Allyn 76600 Halogen Penlite

    Classic halogen, efficient design

    Combines traditional functionality with modern efficiency for quick patient examinations.

    Incorporating these medical lights into your practice means not only investing in the functionality of LED surgical lights or ceiling surgical light setups but also in the health and efficiency of the medical team. And for practices looking to enhance their equipment, there are surgical lights for sale that offer these ergonomic benefits. When choosing light source, remember to look for options that blend seamlessly with your light source accessories, ensuring a holistic and ergonomic lighting solution.

    Safety and Maintenance Tips for Medical Lights

    When it comes to medical lights, safety, and proper maintenance are crucial for ensuring they perform at their best and last a long time. It's important to know not just how to use these lights, but also how to take care of them and keep them safe. Here are some lesser-known tips that can help you get the most out of your medical lighting equipment.

    Welch Allyn Surgical Lights

    • Avoid Direct Handling of Bulbs: Always use a cloth or gloves when replacing bulbs to prevent oil from your skin from shortening the bulb's lifespan.
    • Regular Alignment Checks: Periodically check and adjust the alignment of the light to ensure optimal illumination and reduce shadows during surgical procedures.
    • Safety Audits: Conduct annual safety audits to verify that the lighting systems meet health safety standards and function correctly.

    Midmark Ritter 253 LED Exam Light

    • LED Specific Care: Even though LED bulbs are long-lasting, ensure that the light’s cooling system is clean to prevent overheating and extend the lifespan of the unit.
    • Firmware Updates: Check for firmware updates regularly to keep the lighting system functioning efficiently with the latest operational improvements.
    • Soft Resets: If the light shows minor electronic issues, try a soft reset by turning the power off and on before opting for professional repairs.

    Welch Allyn Fiber Optic Exam Light

    • Fiber Optic Handling: Handle fiber optic cables gently to avoid kinks or bends that can permanently damage the fibers and degrade light quality.
    • Clean Optics Regularly: Use a proper optical cleaner to remove dust and debris from the light head to maintain high-quality light transmission.
    • Check for Fiber Damage: Regularly inspect the fiber optic tips for any signs of wear or damage which can affect light intensity.

    Mobile Magnifying Light by NMD

    • Magnification Component Care: Clean the magnifier regularly with a suitable lens cleaner to prevent scratches and maintain clarity.
    • Battery Maintenance: For models with batteries, ensure they are charged and stored properly to maximize battery life and performance.
    • Stability Checks: Regularly check the stability and integrity of the movable arms and joints to ensure safe and precise positioning.

    ADC Adlite Pro 355bk LED Pocket Light

    • Battery Replacements: Use only the recommended battery type and brand to avoid power issues and ensure optimal brightness.
    • Water and Moisture: Keep the light dry and avoid exposure to moisture as it can damage the electronic components inside.
    • Carry Case Storage: Always store the pocket light in a protective case to avoid damage from drops or impacts.

    Welch Allyn 76600 Halogen Penlite

    • Halogen Bulb Care: Handle halogen bulbs with care during replacement to prevent premature failure.
    • Heat Management: Regularly check the light for any signs of excessive heat buildup which can affect performance and safety.
    • Regular Cleaning: Clean the exterior regularly but ensure the cleaning agents used are compatible with the materials to avoid surface damage.

    By following these safety and maintenance tips, healthcare facilities can ensure that their medical lighting systems are not only safe to use but also remain reliable and effective for years to come. This approach not only protects the equipment but also supports the overall safety and efficiency of medical procedures.

    Legal and Compliance for Medical Lights

    When it comes to medical lights, adhering to legal and compliance standards is not just important—it's mandatory. These regulations ensure that the lighting used in healthcare settings is safe, effective, and up to the necessary standards. Below is a table that outlines some of the regulations and certifications that affect various types of medical lighting, such as surgical lights, exam lights, and operating room lights.



    Certifications Required

    Welch Allyn Medical Lights

    Must comply with local healthcare facility standards and national health safety guidelines.

    FDA approval, CE marking

    Midmark Ritter 253 LED Exam Light

    Adheres to environmental and safety standards for medical devices.

    CE marking, specific to EU regulations

    Welch Allyn Fiber Optic Exam Light

    Must follow stringent guidelines for fiber optic equipment in medical settings.

    FDA approval for use in medical diagnostics

    Mobile Magnifying Light by NMD

    Subject to regulations governing mobile medical devices and their use in various settings.

    CE marking, ensuring compliance with European safety standards

    ADC Adlite Pro 355bk LED Pocket Light

    Falls under regulations for portable medical equipment, especially in emergency medical care.

    ISO certified, meets international standards for safety and quality

    Welch Allyn 76600 Halogen Penlite

    Must adhere to medical lighting standards that specify the use and safety of halogen technologies in clinical environments.

    FDA approval, ensuring it meets U.S. safety and efficacy standards

    It's essential for healthcare facilities to choose medical lights that not only meet their specific clinical needs but also adhere to the necessary legal and compliance standards. For instance, operating room lights need to provide adequate illumination while meeting infection control standards. Similarly, surgical lamps and ceiling surgical lights need to be certified for safety to ensure they do not pose a hazard during delicate procedures.

    In conclusion, choosing the right medical light for your healthcare facility is crucial for ensuring the best care and meeting all safety and compliance standards. Whether you need surgical Headlight, exam lights, operating room lights, or any other type of medical lighting, AngleUS has a comprehensive selection to meet your needs. We offer everything from ceiling surgical lights to wall-mounted examination lights, all designed to enhance the functionality and safety of your medical environment. At AngleUS, we understand the importance of high-quality, reliable lighting in medical settings, and we are here to help you find the perfect lighting solutions that are not only effective but also compliant with all necessary regulations. Trust us to illuminate your practice with the best medical light available.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    A: To determine if the light's intensity is suitable, start with the manufacturer’s recommended settings, then adjust based on your needs during procedures. The ideal intensity should illuminate the area clearly without causing glare. For example, Welch Allyn medical lights offer adjustable settings to fine-tune the brightness for optimal visibility during surgical and examination procedures.

    A: Yes, medical lights significantly impact patient comfort. Lights like the Midmark Ritter 253 LED Exam Light are designed to provide a comfortable experience, offering bright but gentle illumination that mimics natural light without the heat, reducing discomfort from brightness and heat exposure during procedures.

    A: LED lights are generally better than traditional bulbs for medical use. They are more energy-efficient, produce less heat, and have a longer lifespan, which reduces the need for frequent replacements. The Midmark Ritter 253 LED Exam Light, for instance, uses LED technology to provide consistent and efficient lighting.

    A: If your light starts flickering or dims, first check for any loose connections or issues with the plug or switch. If the problem isn't resolved, contact customer support for further assistance. It's important to address this quickly to avoid compromising the lighting during medical procedures.

    A: Most medical lights are compatible with standard power outlets, but always check the voltage requirements specified by the manufacturer before use. For example, ADC Adlite Pro 355bk LED Pocket Light is designed for standard outlets but always confirm to ensure safety and functionality.

    A: Clean your medical light by wiping it with a soft, damp cloth and a suitable disinfectant. Be cautious to avoid letting any liquid seep into electrical components. Follow the manufacturer's cleaning instructions specific to your light model, like those for Welch Allyn Fiber Optic Exam Light, to avoid damage.

    A: The frequency of bulb replacement depends on the type of light and its usage. LED bulbs, such as those in the Midmark Ritter 253 LED Exam Light, generally last longer than traditional bulbs. Check the manufacturer’s guidelines for specific recommendations on when to replace the bulbs and always keep a spare on hand for convenience.