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A pediatric exam table, also known as pediatric scale is a specialized piece of furniture designed for use during medical examinations of children. It is typically smaller and more child-friendly compared to the standard exam table used for adults. These tables often have built-in safety features to ensure the comfort and safety of young patients, such as cushioning, rounded edges, and adjustable heights. Some pediatric exam tables may also have colorful or playful designs to create a more welcoming and less intimidating environment for children visiting healthcare providers.

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    17 products
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    Hausmann Pediatric Exam Table Hausmann table -Angelus Medical
    Hausmann Pediatric Exam Table
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    Clinton Industries Rainforest Follies Pediatric Scale Table Clinton Industries Rainforest Follies Pediatric Scale Table - Clinton -Angelus Medical
    Clinton Industries Rainforest Follies Pediatric Scale Table
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    ZooPals Pediatric Table, Dinosaur
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    GoodTime Giraffe Pediatric Table
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    Clinton Dino Days Pediatric Scale, Pediatric Table Clinton Dino Days Pediatric Scale Table (Refurbished) - Clinton -Angelus Medical
    Clinton Dino Days Pediatric Scale, Pediatric Table

    Pediatric Exam Tables

    Pediatric exam tables, or pediatric tables are designed for the examination of infants, children, and teenagers in medical settings. These tables are specifically tailored to meet the unique needs and requirements of pediatric patients.

    Pediatric tables provide a safe and comfortable space for medical professionals to conduct examinations, evaluations, and treatments on young patients. Their design takes into consideration the size, weight, and developmental stages of children, ensuring that the tables accommodate their specific needs. These tables often come equipped with adjustable features, such as height and incline, to optimize accessibility and ease of examination.

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    Common features of pediatric tables include:

    1. Safety features: Pediatric exam tables are equipped with safety railings or guards to prevent children from falling off during the examination. This provides added protection and peace of mind for both the child and the medical professional.

    2. Pediatric scale integration: Many pediatric exam tables also have integrated scales, allowing medical professionals to measure and track a child's weight during appointments easily. This eliminates the need for a separate scale, saving time and reducing stress for the child.

    3. Child-friendly design: Pediatric tables often feature colorful and engaging patterns or designs to help create a more child-friendly and positive environment. These visual features help to alleviate anxiety and make the experience more comfortable for young patients.

    4. Storage and accessibility: Pediatric exam tables may have built-in storage drawers or compartments to keep medical equipment and supplies within reach during examinations. This feature enhances efficiency and allows medical professionals to maintain focus on the child's well-being.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: Are pediatric exam tables safe for children of all ages?

    A: Yes, pediatric exam tables are designed to accommodate infants, children, and teenagers of different sizes and stages of development. They have safety features in place to ensure the well-being of young patients.

    Q: Is the scale integrated into the pediatric exam table accurate?

    A: Yes, pediatric scales integrated into exam tables go through rigorous testing and calibration to ensure accurate weight measurements. They are designed specifically for use with pediatric patients.

    Q: Can pediatric exam tables be adjusted to accommodate children with disabilities?

    A: Yes, many pediatric exam tables have adjustable features, such as height and incline, making them suitable for children with disabilities. However, it's always recommended to consult a healthcare professional for specific needs.

    Q: Do pediatric exam tables require special maintenance?

    A: Pediatric exam tables are typically made of easy-to-clean materials to maintain a hygienic environment. Regular cleaning with appropriate disinfectants and following the manufacturer's guidelines will help ensure their longevity and safety.

    Q: What kind of Warranty do you offer?

    The warranty varies depending on the condition and item. The warranty is specified for most of the items listed, however the following are general rules.

    • We offer 90 days warranty on all our refurbished equipment unless specified otherwise.
    • The new equipment comes with the manufacturer’s warranty. 

    Q: Can I choose my color?

    A: Yes, you have the option to choose your upholstery color from the Angelus color selection. An additional fee may apply.

    Q: Do you repair or reupholster?

    A: Yes, we have a full service department where we can take care of all your repairs. In most cases we can offer you a free loaner while we are working on your equipment

    Q: Do you deliver?

    A: Yes, we provide white glove delivery locally using our truck. We also work with third party shipping companies for long distance shipping.

    Pediatric exam tables provide a specialized and child-friendly environment for medical examinations, promoting the well-being and comfort of young patients during their healthcare visits.