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    5 products
    Syris V600 Vision Vein Finder System Syris V600 Vision Enhancement Technology- Angelus Medical
    Syris V600 Vision Vein Finder System
    Syris Scientific
    Luxtec Ultralite headlight and fiber optic cable Luxtec Integra UltraLite Pro Headlight
    Luxtec Ultralite headlight and fiber optic cable
    Light-Tech Portable Headlight Light-Tech Headlight - Light Tech -Angelus Medical
    Light-Tech Portable Headlight
    Light Tech
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    Welch Allyn portable Headlight Welch Allyn #46000 series head light
    Welch Allyn portable Headlight
    Welch Allyn

    Collection of headlights at Angelus Medical

    Medical headlights are specialized devices worn by healthcare professionals, such as doctors, surgeons, and dentists, to illuminate the area they are working on during medical procedures or examinations. These headlights are designed to provide focused, bright light, enabling better visibility and precision in medical practices. They are commonly used in various fields, including surgery, dentistry, ophthalmology, and veterinary medicine.


    1. Improved Visualization: Medical headlights offer direct, targeted illumination, enabling healthcare professionals to see intricate details and perform procedures with enhanced accuracy.

    2. Hands-Free Operation: By wearing a head-mounted light source, practitioners have their hands free to perform tasks, improving their dexterity and efficiency.

    3. Enhanced Patient Comfort: Medical headlights minimize the need for overhead lights or bright exam room lighting, reducing discomfort for patients who might be sensitive to light.

    4. Flexibility and Portability: These devices are typically lightweight and easy to wear, allowing healthcare professionals to move freely and work in various positions without compromising the quality of illumination.

    5. Versatility: Medical headlights come in different types and configurations, catering to specific medical specialties and applications.

    Popular Brands

    1. Welch Allyn: Welch Allyn specializes in ergonomic medical headlights that provide clear illumination with adjustable intensity and customizable features.

    2. Designs for Vision: Designs for Vision offers a range of medical headlights specifically designed for various medical disciplines, including dentistry, surgery, and ophthalmology.

    3. Luxtel: Luxtel produces high-quality headlights with adjustable brightness, lightweight designs, and long battery life, suitable for different medical procedures.

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    Q: Are medical headlights comfortable to wear?

    A: Yes, most medical headlights are designed to be lightweight and ergonomic, ensuring comfort during extended use.

    Q: Can medical headlights be used during surgical procedures?

    A: Absolutely. In fact, medical headlights are commonly used in surgical settings to provide focused illumination for precise surgical maneuvers.

    Q: How long do the batteries of medical headlights typically last?

    A: The battery life of medical headlights can vary depending on the specific model and intensity settings. However, many headlights offer several hours of continuous use on a single charge.

    Q: Can medical headlights be sterilized?

    A: It depends on the model. While some medical headlights are designed with sterilizable components, others may need to be disinfected using appropriate methods and cleaning agents.

    Q: Are medical headlights suitable for use in dentistry?

    A: Yes, medical headlights are frequently used in dental procedures, assisting dentists in obtaining optimal visibility within the oral cavity.

    Please note that the availability, features, and specifications of medical headlights may vary depending on the brand and model.