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Angelus Medical and Optical Services

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Angelus Medical services provides a variety of services such as: Medical Equipment Repair, Optical Equipment Repair, Medical Equipment Service, Medical Equipment Calibration, exam table upholstery, exam chair upholstery, medical equipment paiting and more.

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    6 products
    Medical Equipment Appraisal service Medical Equipment Appraisal Service
    Medical Equipment Appraisal service
    Angelus Medical and Optical
    Autoclave Preventive Maintenance - Autoclave PM Autoclave Preventive Maintenance
    Autoclave Preventive Maintenance - Autoclave PM
    Angelus Medical and Optical
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    Medical Equipment Paint Service
    Medical Equipment Paint Service
    Angelus Medical & Optical
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    Medical Equipment Upholstery Angelus Medical Upholstery Shop
    Medical Equipment Upholstery
    Angelus Medical and Optical
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    Angelus Long Distance Shipping Third party Freight Company
    Angelus Long Distance Shipping
    Angelus Medical and Optical
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    Angelus Medical Local Pickup and Delivery Service Angelus Pickup and Delivery
    Angelus Medical Local Pickup and Delivery Service
    Angelus Medical and Optical
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    Angelus Medical and Optical Services

    At Angelus Medical & Optical in addition to sales of new and refurbished medical equipment, we also provide various medical equipment services to meet the needs of healthcare facilities, laboratories, and other medical settings. 

    1. Medical Equipment Calibration: FDA requires calibration certification of certain medical equipment such as blood pressure monitors, thermometers, scales and more on annual basis. At Angelus Medical & Optical, Stay compliant our team of  CDPH certified can conduct the annual calibration at your clinic or in our office to keep you compliant. 

    2. Medical Equipment Repair: We offer repair services for malfunctioning or damaged medical equipment. Our skilled technicians can diagnose, troubleshoot, and fix issues with various types of equipment such as exam tables, exam chairs, autoclaves, EKGs, ESUs, surgical tables and more, helping to extend the lifespan and performance of crucial medical devices.

    3. Medical Equipment Service: Angelus Medical & Optical Equipment provides comprehensive service and maintenance for medical equipment. This includes regular inspections, preventive maintenance, and necessary repairs to keep the equipment in optimal working condition.

    4. Medical Exam Table Upholstery: As part of the medical equipment services we offer exam table re-upholstery to replace worn-out or damaged medical exam tables, exam chairs and more. Our medical grade material is available in a variety of colors to restore the comfort and appearance of your existing exam tables and exam chairs, ensuring a welcoming environment for patients as well as staying compliant.

    5. Medical Equipment Painting: Another medical equipment service offered by Angelus Medical & Optical Equipment is medical equipment painting services. Whether it's to refresh the appearance or comply with color-coding requirements, their skilled technicians can paint medical equipment, ensuring it looks professional and meets industry standards.

    6. Local Pickup and Delivery: We offer convenient local pickup and delivery services for equipment calibration, repair, or any other service they provide. This helps healthcare facilities save time and effort as they can rely on Angelus Medical & Optical Equipment to handle the transportation of their equipment.

    7. Long Distance Shipping: For customers outside of their local area,  we work with third party shipping companies to ensure your medical equipment can be safely transported.

    Angelus Medical Service Policy:

    • We must have a signed credit card authorization form on file prior to start of any service.
    • Your credit card is not charged until the service is completed
    • If you wish not to pay by credit card, please notify us ahead of time, so it can be noted on your CC authorization form.

    Angelus Medical Free Loaner Policy and Agreement

    • You must sign the loaner agreement  & provide a valid credit card information  security deposit.
    • You must provide us with a completed and signed credit card authorization form for our records for security deposit. (We must have a completed and signed credit card authorization form if using credit card)
    • You are responsible for damages to our loaner, if any.
    • Once you are notified of the repair costs, you must contact us within 3 business days with your decision to proceed with repairs or not.
    • If you decide to proceed with the repairs, you can keep the loaner while the repairs are being made. You will be contacted once the repairs are completed.
    • If you decide not to proceed with the repairs, the repair is considered complete and the loaner must be returned within 3 business days and/or it will be converted to rental and a rental fee will be rendered.

    Please note, fees will be applied if the loaners are not returned and/or not we do not hear back from you within 3 business days after completion of the repair.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

    Q: How often should you have medical equipment calibration?

    A: Medical equipment should get calibration certificate on annual basis.

    Q: What is the typical turnaround time for medical equipment repair? medical equipment service. 

    A: It depends on the issue. We normally provide you with a diagnosis and the full cost of repair within 3-4 business days.

    Q: Do you offer warranty or guarantees for your medical equipment repair services?

    A: Yes we provide 30 days warranty on our work.

    Q: What types of medical equipment do you repair?

    A: We specialize in Autoclave repair service, Exam Table repair, Exam Chairs, Exam Lights, Surgery tables, EKGs, ESUs, Gurneys, ENT treatment cabinets, Hydracollators and more to name a few. 

    Q; What types of medical equipment can you upholster?

    A: We normally reupholster exam tables, exam chairs, gurneys, surgery table cushions and more. 

    Q: How do you handle packaging and insurance for long-distance shipping?

    A: We work with several third party shipping companies. However, we palletize and pack the equipment and get them ready for shipment at our facility to ensure safety. We document the process with pictures and can provide you with the pictures of your shipment.

    These are just a few examples of the types of questions that customers might have when engaging with Angelus Medical & Optical Equipment for our services. The company's knowledgeable staff would be happy to provide detailed answers and address any specific concerns customers may have.