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Imaging Tables

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Imaging tables, also known as ultrasound tables, are essential tools in the field of diagnostic imaging. They provide comfort, safety, and versatility during procedures, improving the overall experience for both patients and healthcare providers.

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    8 products
    Allegro Mizuhosi  Pain Management Table Allegro Mizuhosi 6800 Pain Management Table
    Allegro Mizuhosi Pain Management Table
    Sonesta 6210 Video Fluoroscopy Table Sonesta6210VideoFluoroscopyTable
    Sonesta 6210 Video Fluoroscopy Table
    DynaMed MRI Conditional Ambulance Cot  MRI Conditional Ambulance Cot, Angelus medical
    DynaMed MRI Conditional Ambulance Cot
    Dyna med
    Sold Out
    Clinton Mobile Ultrasound Power Table Clinton Ultrasound Power Table - Angelus Medical
    Clinton Mobile Ultrasound Power Table
    Sold Out
    Clinton Multi-Use Mobile Ultrasound Power Table with Stirrups Clinton Multi-Use Mobile Ultrasound Power Table with Stirrups - Clinton -Angelus Medical
    Clinton Multi-Use Mobile Ultrasound Power Table with Stirrups

    Imaging Tables

    An imaging table, also commonly referred to as an ultrasound table, is a specialized medical furniture designed for diagnostic imaging procedures, particularly those involving ultrasounds. These tables are equipped with features that enhance patient comfort, facilitate accurate imaging, and ensure the safety of both patients and medical professionals.

    Imaging tables are primarily used in hospitals, clinics, and imaging centers to support patients during various imaging procedures such as ultrasounds, X-rays, and other scans. Ultrasound tables are specifically designed to accommodate ultrasound machines and offer additional functionality to optimize the examination process.

    Angelus Medical carries a large selection of medical tables: Ultrasound and MRI Tables including MPI Hut Echo Table, Sonobed Table, Biodex ultra table, Phillips C Arm Table and more

    Frequently asked questions

    Q: What are some key features of an imaging table?

    A: Imaging tables typically include adjustable height options to cater to the needs of medical professionals and provide ease of access to patients. The tables often have a padded surface to enhance patient comfort, as well as accessories like armrests, headrests, and safety straps to effectively position patients during procedures.

    Q: Can imaging tables support heavyweight patients?

    A: Yes, many modern imaging tables are designed to withstand higher weight capacities, accommodating patients of varying sizes.

    Q: Are imaging tables adjustable for different imaging procedures?

    A: Yes, imaging tables are designed with adjustability in mind. They often have features such as tilting mechanisms, lateral sliding, or flexion options to optimize the patient's position as required for different imaging techniques.

    Q: Do these tables have safety features?

    A: Yes, safety is a paramount consideration for imaging tables. They usually come equipped with safety straps or restraints to secure patients during the procedure. Additionally, they may have features like low-height options for easy patient access and padded surfaces to prevent falls or injuries.

    Q: Can you perform ultrasound procedures on a regular examination table?

    A: While it is technically possible to perform an ultrasound on a regular examination table, using a specialized ultrasound table provides numerous advantages. Ultrasound tables are designed to enhance patient comfort, improve ultrasound machine accessibility, and offer specific features to ensure optimal positioning and accurate imaging.

    Q: Can I choose my color?

     A: Yes, you have the option to choose your upholstery color from the Angelus color selection. An additional fee may apply.

    Q: Do you repair or reupholster?

    A: Yes, we have a full service department where we can take care of all your repairs. In most cases we can offer you a free loaner while we are working on your equipment

    Q: Do you deliver?

    A: Yes, we provide white glove delivery locally using our truck. We also work with third party shipping companies for long distance shipping.