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Surgical Microscopes

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There are several types of surgical microscopes available, each designed for specific specialties and surgical procedures. Some common types include: ENT, Ophthalmic, Dental, Colposcope and more.

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    10 products
    Surgical Microscopes and Colposcopes Surgical Microscopes at Angelus Medical
    Surgical Microscopes and Colposcopes
    Zeiss Opmi 6-S Surgical Microscope (Refurbished) Zeiss Opmi 6-S Surgical Microscope (Refurbished) - ZEISS -Angelus Medical
    Zeiss Opmi 6-S Surgical Microscope (Refurbished)
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    Zeiss OPMI IFC Surgical Microscope (Used) Zeiss OPMI IFC Surgical Microscope (Used) - ZEISS -Angelus Medical
    Zeiss OPMI IFC Surgical Microscope (Used)
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    Zeiss OPMI 6-CFC Surgical Microscope Zeiss OPMI 6-CFC Surgical Microscope - Zeiss -Angelus Medical
    Zeiss OPMI 6-CFC Surgical Microscope
    Carl Zeiss OPMI 9-FC Surgical Microscope Carl Zeiss OPMI 9-FC Surgical Microscope
    Carl Zeiss OPMI 9-FC Surgical Microscope
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    Surgical Microscopes

    A surgical microscope is an advanced medical equipment used in surgical procedures to provide magnified, high-resolution images of the surgical area. It enables surgeons to achieve precise visualization and perform intricate tasks with greater accuracy.

    There are several types of surgical microscopes available, each designed for specific medical specialties and surgical procedures. Here are some common types and their differences:

    Ophthalmic Microscopes: These microscopes are specifically designed for eye surgeries and ophthalmology procedures. They provide high magnification and illumination, allowing surgeons to perform intricate eye surgeries with precision.
    Neurosurgical Microscopes: These microscopes are used in neurosurgery to perform delicate procedures on the brain and spinal cord. They often come with advanced features such as fluorescence imaging to assist in identifying tumors or blood flow in real-time.
    ENT Microscopes: Ear, Nose, and Throat (ENT) microscopes are tailored for surgical procedures in the head and neck region. They provide high-quality visualization of the ear canal, nasal cavity, and throat, allowing surgeons to perform precise interventions.
    Dental Microscopes: Dental microscopes are used in dentistry for procedures such as endodontics, periodontics, and implantology. They offer enhanced visualization of the oral cavity, facilitating precise dental work.
    Orthopedic Microscopes: These microscopes are designed for orthopedic surgeries, providing magnification and illumination to assist with procedures such as joint replacements, spinal surgeries, and fracture repairs.
    Colposcopes: Colposcopes are specialized microscopes used in gynecology and obstetrics for close examination of the cervix, vagina, and vulva. They assist in the diagnosis and treatment of abnormal cervical cells, including performing biopsies.

    Frequently Asked Question:

    What is the purpose of a surgical microscope?

     Surgical microscopes are used to enhance visualization during surgical procedures by providing a magnified and illuminated image of the surgical site. This allows surgeons to perform delicate tasks with increased precision.

    How does a surgical microscope work?

    Surgical microscopes consist of multiple lenses and adjustable magnification settings. These microscopes provide bright, focused light directed onto the surgical field, while the surgical site is magnified and displayed in high definition, allowing surgeons to see minute details.

    Who uses surgical microscopes?

    Surgical microscopes are primarily used by surgeons in various medical specialties, including neurosurgery, ophthalmology, ENT (ear, nose, and throat), orthopedics, dental surgery, and reconstructive surgery.

    What are some benefits of using surgical microscopes?

    The use of surgical microscopes offers several benefits, including improved visualization, enhanced precision and accuracy, reduced surgical complications, and improved patient outcomes. They also provide better ergonomics for surgeons during lengthy procedures.

    Can surgical microscopes be used in non-surgical applications?

    Yes, in addition to surgeries, surgical microscopes find applications in various non-surgical fields such as research laboratories, dentistry, pathology, and veterinary medicine. They are used whenever complex visualization and precise maneuverability are required. 

    Are surgical microscopes expensive?

    Surgical microscopes can be relatively expensive due to their sophisticated technology and specialized features. The exact cost can vary depending on factors like the brand, model, and additional accessories, but they are considered a valuable investment for surgical practices due to their positive impact on surgical outcomes.