Long Distance Shipping

We work with several shipping partners and we insure all shipments unless otherwise specified. However, we rely on our customers to work with us to ensure they receive the equipment is delivered in the same condition it left our facility.

It is the customers responsibility to inspect the items prior to accepting the items from the shipping company. Please note, once you sign and accept the items you no longer claim any damages.

Terms & Conditions

  • There is an additional charge for palletizing and crating of the equipment.
    • $200.00 per Pallet
    • $500.00 per Crate
  • The shipping quotes are based on curbside delivery unless specified otherwise.
  • The buyer is responsible for inspection of the equipment prior to accepting the shipment.
  • Make sure to fully inspect the shipment prior to accepting it from the shipping company.
    • Once you accept the shipment, Angelus Medical & Optical equipment is no longer responsible for the damages

The shipping quoted on the website is based on standard delivery to commercial location only.