Medical Equipment Repair & Service

Service Hours

Monday - Friday 7:30am - 3:30pm
To repair your medical equipment by one our CHDP approved technicians, give us a call @ 310-769-6060.
You can also send your repair request to

Service Terms

  • We must have a valid credit card on file prior to start of the service.
  • There is a diagnosis fee of $135.00 per item.
  • Once the diagnosis is completed, we will provide you with a detailed break down of the repair cost. If you wish to move forward with the repair, you must provide an authorization before we proceed and the diagnosis fee will be waived. Your credit card will not be charged until the service has been completed.
  • If you wish not to move forward with the repair, you are responsible for diagnosis fee + pick up / delivery cost if applicable.
  • As a courtesy we can provide a free loaner (if available) while we are working on your equipment. Please refer to our free loaner policy below.

Service labor Cost

Medical Equipment: $135.00 / hour
Optical Equipment: $150.00 / hour

Autoclave Preventive Maintenance & Pricing

Autoclave Preventive Maintenance (PM): Replace essential parts (i.e. Gasket, solenoids, etc.) and cleaning. Price is based on the cost of the PM Kit and 2.5 hours of labor. Please note, we will notify if the unit requires additional repairs.

Midmark / Ritter M7$325
Midmark / Ritter M9 or M11$400
Tuttnauer 1730, 032, 402, 540$375
Tuttnauer 3850, 3870$425
Pelton & Crane Validator OCR$375
Pelton & Crane Validator Magnaclave$450

Common Repairs

Changing the cylinders
Equipment TypeCylinder CostLabor Hours
Procedure Chair$575.002
Manual Exam Table$150.002
* Please note, the prices shown are based on standard cylinder prices. The price may vary if your unit requires specialized cylinders.

Free Loaner Policy and Agreement

  • You must sign a free loaner agreement & leave a check or valid credit card information as security deposit.
  • You must provide us with a completed and signed credit card authorization form for our records for security deposit. (We must have a completed and signed credit card authorization form if using credit card)
  • You are responsible for damages to our loaner, if any.
  • Once you are notified of the repair costs, you must contact us within 3 business days with your decision to proceed with repairs or not.
  • If you decide to proceed with the repairs, you can keep the loaner while the repairs are being made. You will be contacted once the repairs are completed.
  • If you decide not to proceedwith the repairs, the repair is considered complete and the loaner must be returned within 3 business daysand/or it will be converted to rental and a rental fee will be rendered.

Please note, fees will be applied if the loaners are not returned and/or not we do not hear back from you within 3 business days after completion of the repair.