Why you Should Buy Refurbished Exam Tables/Chairs vs. New Ones

When buying medical tables/chairs, whether or not you should buy new or refurbished ones can be a challenging question to answer. Keep in mind that the table/chair in your clinic often gives your potential clients their first impression, along with influencing the morale and productivity of your team.

This means finding the most ergonomic medical chair/table possible should be your priority when maximizing productivity is a goal.

But while buying refurbished may seem financially advantageous because of the cost savings, it may make little fiscal sense long term. To help you choose whether or not a new or refurbished medical table/chair is the right choice for your business, we’ve put together the essential questions you should consider when deciding between new or refurbished.

Medical Exam Tables 

There are many factors to consider when purchasing medical exam tables or chairs. One crucial factor is the condition of the equipment. Used or refurbished equipment may be a better option for your needs and budget. Here are some things to keep in mind when deciding whether to purchase new, used, or refurbished medical exam tables or chairs:

Budget: New medical exam tables and chairs can be pretty expensive. Used and refurbished equipment may be a more affordable option.

Availability: Refurbished medical exam tables and chairs may be easier to find than new ones.

Finally, buying refurbished helps reduce waste and protect the environment. When you buy new products, you're contributing to the growing problem of electronic waste. But when you buy refurbished products, you're giving old products a second life, which is much better for the planet.

Manual Exam Tables

Ritter 204 Manual Exam Table by Midmark: This manual table with a patient capacity of 500 lbs and stirrups is ideal for any office and clinic. The pass-through drawers enable you to place them in small rooms without any issues because either side can be accessible.

The fully refurbished table can be upholstered in the color of your choice from our selection of colors to match the color in your office. The used table comes with an original color base and top; ask about available colors at the time of purchase.

Pediatric Tables

The Midmark 640 Pediatric Examination Table offers all the features and benefits you need to give your patients the best, most tender care possible.

With an upholstered end panel and beveled sides, infants can't roll off the Pediatric Examination Table. And, because the sides are flat with no sharp edges, you have peace of mind knowing your patients are safe from harm.

Bending to examine 25-30 children every day can put strain and stress on your back. This Examination Table eliminates that strain and stress with its exam surface height of 36". You get excellent access to the patient without the need to bend over and do your exam.

Finally, price is vital when deciding whether to use a new or used pediatric examination table. With a new table, you could be looking at a price of around $3,800 to get the Examination Table in your office. This may also come with a long lead time. On the other hand, a used table could cost you half the price, with a price point of around 1,900, with the same quality. 

All in all, if you're looking for a pediatric table with soft and safe edges, a good height to keep the wear and tear on your body low on a busy day, or the right price, you may want to give a used table some consideration. This is an excellent option as opposed to a new one. 

Medical Exam Chairs 

Refurbished medical exam chairs can be perfect when you and your team are looking to customize a more whimsical atmosphere that fits the office vibe your going for.

The cost savings opens up your budget for livening up the look or taking the comfort up a notch. Reupholstering or adding better padding are great ways to transform the refurbished into the sublime.

Podiatry Chairs

You may wonder whether to buy a new or a refurbished model for a Podiatry Chair. Both options have pros and cons, but it comes down to personal preference. Refurbished podiatry chairs can be a great option if you're looking to save money. 

They typically cost less than half of what a new chair would cost, so they're a good choice for budget-minded shoppers. However, remember that refurbished chairs may have only some of the bells and whistles of a new model.

On the other hand, new podiatry chairs offer the latest and most outstanding features. If you're looking for the latest technology and the best possible patient experience, a new chair is the way to go. Of course, that comes at a higher price tag. 

Which is right for you? If you're looking for a bargain, go with a refurbished chair. If you want the latest and greatest, opt for a new one.

Dental Chairs

If you're in the market for new dental chairs, you may wonder whether to buy a refurbished or a new one. Both options have pros and cons, but buying a refurbished ADEC Dental Chair is the way to go. 

Here's why: 

For starters, refurbished chairs are often much cheaper than new ones. This is especially true of high-end chairs like the ADEC Dental Chair. You can save hundreds or even thousands of dollars with a refurbished model.

Of course, you may be worried that a used chair will be better than a new one. But don't worry - all our refurbished chairs are thoroughly inspected and tested to ensure they meet our high standards. 

We only sell chairs that are in excellent condition, so you can be confident you're getting a great product.

Another advantage of buying refurbished is that it's better for the environment. When you buy a new chair, it often comes packaged with a lot of plastic and other materials in a landfill. By choosing a refurbished chair, you're helping to reduce waste and preserve resources. 

If you're looking for a great deal on a top-quality dental chair, consider buying a refurbished Chair from us. You'll save money on a high-quality chair and help the planet simultaneously!

Points To Remember When Buying Refurbished Medical Exam Tables and Chairs 

  • A good refurbished exam table is as good as a new table at a fraction of the cost/
  • Know your seller: It is essential to purchasing from a trusted source. Make sure they have been around for a long time, and they will stay around for years to come.
  • Check out the seller; make sure it is not someone with a website that works out of their garage.
  • Even though refurbished equipment is most cost-effective than new ones, it can still be cheap.
  • Ask for the picture of the actual unit you are purchasing. Many sellers use nice stock pictures, and what you receive is different. 
  • Check to see that the table or chair has been thoroughly inspected and refurbished by a qualified technician. 
  • Ensure that the table or chair comes with a warranty from the refurbishing company. 
  • Ask the refurbishing company for references from satisfied customers who have purchased similar products.
  • Make sure the seller is reputable and has a good return policy.
  • Inspect the table or chair thoroughly before purchasing to ensure no significant damage or defects.
  • Do some research on the model of the table or chair you're interested in to get an idea of how much it typically costs now and compare that to the price of the refurbished item.


Angelus Medical is committed to helping you select a beautiful, innovative, refurbished medical table/chair that delivers a more comfortable and productive working environment day after day. Our mission is to help our clients elevate their workplaces! Call or click today to get started.

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