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Enhance patient care with our accurately calibrated and efficient Patient Monitor, Vitals Monitor, Vital Sign Monitors. Explore Angelus Medical's extensive inventory today to find the perfect solution for monitoring basic vitals. Whether you're seeking a portable spot monitor or a reliable bedside patient monitor, we have a wide range of options to meet your needs.

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    14 products
    Welch Allyn LXi Spot Vital Sign Monitor Welch Allyn LXi Spot Vital Sign Monitor (Refurbished) - Welch Allyn -Angelus Medical
    Welch Allyn LXi Spot Vital Sign Monitor
    Welch Allyn
    GE Dinamap Patient monitor GE V100 Dinamap Patient Monitor #angelusmedical
    GE Dinamap Patient monitor
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    Seca mVSA Patient Vital Sign Monitor Seca mVSA Patient Vital Sign Monitor - seca -Angelus Medical
    Seca mVSA Patient Vital Sign Monitor
    from $221.00
    Welch Allyn Spot Monitor Welch Allyn Spot Monitor - Welch Allyn -Angelus Medical
    Welch Allyn Spot Monitor
    Welch Allyn
    from $950.00
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    Welch Allyn Connex Spot Monitor Welch Allyn Connex Spot Monitor
    Welch Allyn Connex Spot Monitor
    Welch Allyn
    Welch Allyn 300 Series Patient Monitor Welch Allyn 300 Series Patient Monitor - Welch Allyn -Angelus Medical
    Welch Allyn 300 Series Patient Monitor
    Welch Allyn
    from $950.00
    GE Dash Patient Monitor
    GE Dash Patient Monitor
    from $1,500.00
    Criticare CSI nCompass Patient Monitor Criticare CSI nCompass Patient Monitor - Criticare -Angelus Medical
    Criticare CSI nCompass Patient Monitor

    Patient Monitor Vitals Monitor

    Patient Monitor, also known as a Vitals Monitor or Vital Sign Monitor, is a medical device used to monitor and display a patient's vital signs in real-time. It is typically found in hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare facilities. The monitor helps healthcare professionals closely track essential physiological parameters such as heart rate, blood pressure, oxygen saturation, respiratory rate, and temperature. By continuously measuring and displaying these vital signs, patient monitors aid in assessing a patient's overall health and detecting any potential medical issues or irregularities.

    Patient Monitors play a crucial role in the medical field by providing valuable real-time data, allowing healthcare professionals to make informed decisions and take prompt action when necessary.

    Choose from our selection of new, refurbished, and certified patient monitors, offering versatility to suit any requirement and budget. Our certified technicians meticulously refurbish our medical monitors to ensure optimal functionality, and each unit is backed by a comprehensive warranty.

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    Q: What are the main functions of a Patient Monitor?

    A: The primary function of a Patient Monitor is to monitor and display a patient's vital signs, providing healthcare professionals with real-time information about the patient's health status. It allows them to identify any concerning changes promptly.

    Q: How does a Patient Monitor work?

    A: Patient Monitors use specialized sensors and probes to obtain data from the patient's body. These sensors measure various physiological parameters like heart rate, blood pressure, etc. The collected data is then transmitted to the monitor, which processes and displays the information on a screen for the healthcare provider to interpret.

    Q: What are the benefits of using a Patient Monitor?

    A: Patient Monitors offer several benefits, including early detection of critical changes in vital signs, continuous monitoring without disrupting patient comfort, recording and documentation of vital sign trends, and providing alerts when vital signs fall outside normal ranges. They enhance patient safety and improve the efficiency of healthcare providers. Some of the most popular patient monitors include: Welch Allyn vital signs monitor & Welch Allyn connex spot monitor

    Q: Can patients with chronic conditions use a Patient Monitor at home?

    A: Yes, patients with chronic conditions can use specialized home-based Patient Monitors to keep track of their vital signs. These portable devices allow patients to monitor their health from the comfort of their homes and share the collected data with their healthcare providers for remote monitoring and timely intervention.

    Q: Are Patient Monitors easy to use?

    A: Patient Monitors are designed to be user-friendly and easy to operate. Healthcare professionals receive training on how to use them properly, interpret the displayed information, and respond appropriately if any vital sign abnormalities are detected.

    Q: Are there different types of Patient Monitors?

    A: Yes, there are various types of Patient Monitors available to suit different healthcare settings and patient needs. Some monitors are portable and wearable, while others are larger and intended for bedside monitoring in hospitals. The features and capabilities may vary between different models and manufacturers.

    Q: What are the most popular patient monitor features?

    A: There are several popular patient monitors used in healthcare settings. Some of the most commonly used ones include:

    1. Electrocardiogram (ECG/EKG) Monitor: An ECG monitor measures the electrical activity of the heart, displaying the heart's rhythm and detecting any abnormalities. 

    2. Blood Pressure Monitor: Blood pressure monitors measure a patient's blood pressure, providing readings of systolic and diastolic pressure. They are commonly used in hospitals and clinics.

    3. Pulse Oximeter: A pulse oximeter measures the oxygen saturation level in a patient's blood and their heart rate. They are often used in critical care units, emergency rooms, and operating rooms.

    4. Capnograph Monitor: Capnographs measure the concentration of carbon dioxide in a patient's breath. They are commonly used during anesthesia monitoring and in intensive care units.

    5. Multi-Parameter Monitor: This type of monitor combines various measurements such as ECG, blood pressure, pulse oximetry, and respiratory rate. It provides continuous monitoring of multiple vital signs.

    Q: Do you repair Patient Monitors?

    A: Yes, we have a full service department where we can take care of all your repairs. In most cases we can offer you a free loaner while we are working on your equipment

    Q: Do you have the accessories for Patient Monitors?

    A: Yes, we carry most of the accessories for Patient Monitors such as Blood Pressure Cuffs, Pulse Oximeter Cables, Mobile Stands and more. You can check out the accessories at Patient Monitor Accessories