Medical Equipment Painting

Your equipment works perfectly but looks old? Why not just get it refurbished and bring it back to life at a fraction of the cost?
Angelus Medical Equipment Paint Services provides top-notch equipment painting solutions for your healthcare facility, all while utilizing the latest technology and high-quality industry-grade paints. Whether you're looking to refurbish your Midmark exam table, Reliance exam chair, Ritter table, Reliance stand, or any other medical equipment, Angelus has got you covered. Our team of experienced painting professionals can customize your equipment with a variety of colors and finishes that will suit both your aesthetic preferences and your institutional requirements. Trust Angelus Medical Equipment Paint Services to refresh, revitalize, and rejuvenate your facility's medical equipment today.

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Pediatric Exam Table Transformation

I look soooo cute now!!

Dinosaur Pediatric Table 

Pedia Pal Zoopal Dinosaur TablePediapal Dinosaur Exam TableDinosaur Exam TableDinasour Pediatric Exam TablePediapal ZooPal Dinosaur TableDino the Dinosaur table


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Simplet Manual Exam Table $450.00
Ritter 404 Exam Table $500.00 Requires additional assembly
Optical Instrument Stand $550.00
Power Exam Table $500.00
Procedure Chair  $550.00
Reliance Procedure Chair $700.00 Requires additional assembly
Stretcher $700.00
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