Midmark M9 Autoclave

Midmark Ritter SKU: AUTO-015974
Midmark Ritter M9 UltraClave Autoclave - Midmark Ritter -Angelus Medical
Midmark Ritter M9 UltraClave Autoclave - Midmark Ritter -Angelus Medical
Midmark Ritter M9 UltraClave Autoclave - Midmark Ritter -Angelus Medical
Midmark Ritter M9 UltraClave Autoclave - Midmark Ritter -Angelus Medical
Midmark Ritter M9 UltraClave Autoclave - Midmark Ritter -Angelus Medical
Midmark Ritter M9 UltraClave Autoclave - Midmark Ritter -Angelus Medical
Midmark Ritter M9 UltraClave Autoclave - Midmark Ritter -Angelus Medical
Midmark Ritter M9 UltraClave Autoclave - Midmark Ritter -Angelus Medical
Midmark Ritter M9 UltraClave Autoclave - Midmark Ritter -Angelus Medical
Midmark Ritter M9 UltraClave Autoclave - Midmark Ritter -Angelus Medical
Midmark Ritter M9 UltraClave Autoclave - Midmark Ritter -Angelus Medical
Midmark Ritter M9 UltraClave Autoclave - Midmark Ritter -Angelus Medical
Midmark Ritter M9 UltraClave Autoclave - Midmark Ritter -Angelus Medical

Midmark M9 Autoclave

Midmark Ritter SKU: AUTO-015974
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Technical Specifications of the Ritter M9 Ultraclave Autoclave Steam Sterilizer

Capacity and Chamber Size

  • Volume: 19.8 liters (5.2 gallons)
  • Chamber Dimensions: 229 mm diameter x 457 mm depth (9 inches x 18 inches)

This capacity is suitable for small to medium-sized loads, making the Midmark M9 Autoclave ideal for dental practices, small clinics, and laboratories that require efficient sterilization of instruments and equipment. The Midmark M9 ensures reliable performance and thorough sterilization, meeting the needs of various medical and laboratory settings.

Temperature Range

  • Operating temperature ranges from 110°C to 135°C (230°F to 275°F).

These temperatures are sufficient to ensure the destruction of a wide range of microorganisms, including highly resistant bacterial spores. The Midmark M9 Ultraclave operates by using saturated steam to denature proteins and disrupt cellular structures, ensuring effective sterilization. The Midmark Ritter series is known for its reliability and efficiency in various sterilization processes.

Pressure Range

  • The working pressure range is approximately 1.0 to 2.2 bar (14.5 to 32 psi).

Pressure is a critical component in achieving the necessary high temperatures for sterilization. The Midmark M9 Autoclave increases the pressure within the chamber, raising the boiling point of water. This allows the steam to reach higher temperatures and penetrate materials more effectively. The Midmark M9 Ultraclave ensures efficient and thorough sterilization through this advanced pressure mechanism.

Cycle Types and Control System

  • Pre-set Cycles: The Ritter M9 features several pre-programmed cycles tailored to different types of loads, such as wrapped instruments, unwrapped instruments, packs, and liquids.
  • Customizable Cycles: Users can customize cycles to meet specific sterilization needs, adjusting parameters such as temperature, pressure, and duration.
  • Control System: The autoclave is equipped with a microprocessor control system that accurately manages the operating parameters. The digital interface provides real-time monitoring and adjustments, ensuring precise control over the sterilization process.

Safety Features

  • Automatic Shut-off: The autoclave automatically shuts off at the end of the sterilization and drying cycles to prevent overheating and overuse.
  • Safety Valve: Prevents over-pressurization by releasing excess pressure, thereby protecting the system and ensuring user safety.
  • Door Safety Lock: Ensures that the door cannot be opened while the chamber is pressurized, preventing accidents and ensuring safe operation.


  • Materials: The autoclave is constructed from high-quality stainless steel, which provides resistance to corrosion and ensures durability under high-pressure and high-temperature conditions.
  • Design: The compact design facilitates efficient use of space and ease of operation, with an intuitive loading and unloading process.

Principles of Operation

Sterilization by Saturated Steam

  • Mechanism: The primary sterilization method used by the Ritter M9 involves saturated steam under pressure. The steam transfers heat to the items within the chamber, and the combination of high temperature and moisture denatures proteins and disrupts cell membranes and DNA, leading to effective sterilization.
  • Temperature and Pressure Correlation: The autoclave operates on the principle that water boils at higher temperatures when under increased pressure. By raising the pressure within the chamber, the boiling point of water (and thus the temperature of the steam) increases, enabling the steam to achieve the necessary conditions for sterilization.

Microprocessor Control

  • Function: The microprocessor control system manages the cycle parameters (temperature, pressure, and time) with high precision. It receives input from sensors within the chamber and adjusts the heating elements and valves to maintain the desired conditions.
  • Advantages: This control system enhances the repeatability and reliability of the sterilization cycles, ensuring consistent performance and effective sterilization across different loads and materials.

Heat Transfer and Moisture Penetration

  • Heat Transfer: Effective sterilization requires uniform heat distribution. The autoclave’s design ensures that steam circulates throughout the chamber, transferring heat to all surfaces of the items being sterilized.
  • Moisture Penetration: Moist heat (steam) is more effective at penetrating materials than dry heat. The steam condenses on cooler surfaces, releasing latent heat and ensuring thorough sterilization of complex instruments and porous materials.

Ritter M9 Ultraclave Autoclave Steam Sterilizer

The Ritter Midmark M9 Autoclave or m9 ultraclave is a must-have for medical settings. It ensures reliable operation, making it the ideal choice for medical facilities. Simple to operate, even with high staff turnover, and exceptionally rugged, the Ritter M9 ultraclave can handle big workloads quickly and reliably. Angelus Medical is the premier choice for medical equipment solutions, and is committed to providing unbeatable customer service. Get the hygienic and efficient environment your medical office deserves with the Midmark M9 Autoclave / Ritter M9 autoclave!

Importance of Specific Features

  • LCD display
  • Automatic Door (Opens at the end of the cycle)
  • Increased safety features: 
    • Does not start until door the completely closed
    • Water level low display 
  • Easy filling and draining
  • Optional printer accessory
  • Self Program Controls
  • Pre programmed Controls 
  • Compact Capacity: The 19.8-liter chamber size is suitable for smaller practices and clinics, providing sufficient space for daily sterilization needs without requiring a large footprint.
  • Precise Control: The microprocessor-based control system ensures that all parameters are tightly regulated, reducing the risk of user error and ensuring consistent results.
  • Safety Measures: Multiple safety features protect both the user and the equipment, making the autoclave reliable and safe to operate in a professional setting.

    Specialty / Medical Practice

    General Practice, OBGYN, Dental, Surgery Center, Emergency Medicine, and more 


    • Product Usage: Sterilization of instruments
    • Brand: Midmark Ritter
    • Warranty: 90 days parts and labor
    • Dimensions
      • 15.3" x 20.5" with plug
      • H: 16.5" with printer
      • Chamber: 9" diam. x 15" deep
    • Includes:
      • 20 self-seal sterilization pouches
      • Box of autoclave cleaner
      • 1 Tray
    • Voltage: 120 v
    • Days to be ready: 1- 2

    As a trusted reseller, AngelUS Medical offers the Ritter M9 Ultraclave Autoclave Steam Sterilizer, providing top-of-the-line sterilization technology to medical and laboratory facilities. Our commitment to quality ensures that you receive equipment that is not only advanced and reliable but also backed by exceptional customer support and service.

    Equip your facility with the best in sterilization technology through AngelUS Medical, and experience the benefits of high-performance autoclaves that meet the highest standards of safety and efficiency. Choose AngelUS Medical for unparalleled expertise and top-tier Midmark autoclaves.

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    Good to know:

    How to extend the life and performance of your Ritter Midmark M9 autoclave  machine:

    All equipment require maintenance in order to extend their longevity. For the best performance and extending the life of your autoclave machine, it is recommended:

    • Conduct preventive maintenance (PM) every 6 months. This process should be conducted by a professional and requires replacement of some of the heavily used parts and takes approximately 2-3 hours.
    • Clean your autoclave every 20 cycles. This can be done at the office by simply placing a pouch of the autoclave cleaner in the chamber and running a full cycle. This process will clean:
      • Chamber
      • Reservoir
      • All internal tubing
    • To keep instruments sterilized in between usage, sterilize them in individual self seal pouches.

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    The Ritter Midmark Autoclave, also known as the Midmark M9 Autoclave, is a type of autoclave machine commonly used in medical and dental settings. Autoclaves play a crucial role in sterilization processes by using steam to destroy bacteria, viruses, fungi, and other microorganisms on instruments, equipment, and supplies.

    Ritter Midmark Autoclaves are designed to provide efficient and reliable sterilization. They often come with advanced features such as adjustable sterilization cycles, user-friendly interfaces, and safety measures to ensure optimal performance and user convenience. These autoclaves are known for their durability, ease of use, and ability to handle high-volume sterilization requirements.

    Whether it's sterilizing surgical instruments, dental tools, or laboratory equipment, the Midmark M9 Autoclave and the Midmark M9 Ultraclave are trusted for their effectiveness in meeting strict hygiene standards. Their precise temperature and pressure controls ensure the complete removal of pathogens, making them essential tools in healthcare settings where infection control is of utmost importance.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How do I set up the Midmark M9 Autoclave for the first time?

    Follow the installation instructions in the user manual. Place the autoclave on a stable, level surface, connect it to the appropriate power source, and ensure proper ventilation around the unit.

    What is the best way to load instruments into the Midmark M9 Autoclave?

    Arrange instruments so that steam can circulate freely. Do not overcrowd the chamber, and ensure that items do not touch the walls. Place larger items at the bottom and smaller items on top.

    How do I choose the correct sterilization cycle for different instruments?

    Refer to the user manual for cycle recommendations based on instrument type. The Midmark M9 offers cycles for unwrapped items, wrapped items, pouches, handpieces, and delicate materials.

    What should I do if the autoclave starts getting dirty or picking up junk?

    Regularly clean the chamber and trays with a soft cloth and mild detergent. Avoid using harsh chemicals. Follow the maintenance schedule in the manual to perform deeper cleanings and inspections.

    How do I troubleshoot error codes on the Midmark M9 Autoclave?

    Check the troubleshooting section of the user manual for guidance on specific error codes. Common solutions include checking connections, ensuring the door is properly sealed, and resetting the machine.

    How often should I perform maintenance on the Midmark M9 Autoclave?

    Regular maintenance is essential for optimal performance. This includes daily cleaning, weekly checks of the chamber and door seals, and monthly inspections of the filters and other components. Follow the maintenance schedule provided in the user manual.

    How do I safely remove sterilized items from the autoclave?

    Wait until the sterilization cycle is complete and the autoclave has cooled down. Ensure that the pressure is fully released before opening the door. Use heat-resistant gloves to handle sterilized items to avoid burns.

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